Water problems in Leroy!

By: Diane Benjamin Start with the last election. No one who ran for office was contested, one Ward had no candidate. The candidate with the most votes only received 131. Fact: You can ignore politics – politics doesn’t ignore you. Below are the reason for this story: Water quality is monitored by the Illinois EPA. […]

Normal: Bad water is YOUR fault

By: Diane Benjamin Have brown water? Green water? Cloudy water? Funny how the Town of Normal’s go-to fix is flushing hydrants when their new water report claims nothing is wrong with the quality. https://www.normalil.gov/DocumentCenter/View/19832/TON_2022_WaterReport All those 60 year old water mains aren’t playing any part in water quality, there is nothing in the report blaming […]

Meeting for 12 hours provides lots of material

By: Diane Benjamin I can find numerous things citizens need to know after Normal spent 9 hours meeting 1/26 and then another 3 hours last Monday talking about the budget. Pam Reece wants you to know they aren’t spending over $5 million running water pipes on West College to Rivian. So, either they know something […]

More on Normal’s water

By: Diane Benjamin Normal is spending more than $5 million to run water to Rivian: https://blnnews.com/2021/01/30/why-is-normal-spending-millions-to-run-water-to-rivian/ Normal Trustee Stan Nord posted the below on Facebook: These water samples came from residents who pay for water and can’t use it. The April 6th election is about priorities: Setting better ones. Spending $5 million to run pipes […]

Proof Kathleen Lorenz was WRONG

By: Diane Benjamin Follow-up to this story: https://blnnews.com/2020/12/10/lorenz-how-about-not-believing-everything-you-are-told/ The Town of Normal finally provided the information I requested by FOIA. At the December 7th meeting Lorenz went on a long rant about rumors. It was aimed at a Facebook post by Marc Tiritilli concerning the quality of the water some residents have endured for a […]

Facebook post from Marc Tiritilli for Mayor of Normal

Since everyone isn’t on Facebook, I am posting Marc’s latest story here: What does it take for residents to have a water-quality problem fixed? Apparently, a lot of public activism. For nearly two years, the neighborhood at Grove and Ruston has been experiencing substandard water quality with issues such as brown water, bad taste, and […]