Normal’s water: Visual

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

A resident of Normal filled their backyard pool with Town of Normal water. This is what the filter looked like after on 2.5 days:

They are in an older neighborhood where the water main hasn’t been updated in decades.






5 thoughts on “Normal’s water: Visual

  1. After their kidneys filter this water, I wonder if their pee is brown too? All joking aside, it is disgusting to think they drink that crap-colored water.

    I’d be livid and file complaints with every local and state agency I can find and sue the town for action.

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  2. I, for one, would not be paying my taxes or water bill until this situation has been completely resolved!!!  Thankfully, I don’t live in Bloomington or Normal!!!



  3. This is completely unacceptable, yet the Town of Normal allows this to continue. What do they care. I hope this resident presents the town council with this at the next meeting.

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