Fly on the Wall: Fairview School

Flying around the Fairview School area I overheard talk of undrinkable water!

I hear kids who need to take medicine at school are provided bottled water instead of getting water from the drinking fountain.

Anybody else heard the same? Do you have kids at Fairview? Ask them about the water!

4 thoughts on “Fly on the Wall: Fairview School

  1. It appears that the Town of Normal needs to hire someone who knows about water treatment instead of bowing down to Rivian & Uptown Normal!



  2. Queen pam, king koos, prince kevin, and the council of court jesters have clean water, therefore they don’t care about anyone else. The availability of clean water is INEQUITABLE. There. They should fix it now. The would want to be INEQUITABLE would they?

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  3. Hi! My kids go to Fairview, and they said they used the water fountains to refill their water bottles that they brought from home (we sent them with one every day). They jusy weren’t allowed to drink directly from the fountains, I’m guessing left-over COVID protocol. If a child forgot to bring a water bottle to school (like my son sometimes), they were given a bottle of water. But to my knowledge, nothing is wrong with the water there!

    Thanks for all of your insights and keeping us informed!

    Laura Reddington


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