Normal: Bad water is YOUR fault

By: Diane Benjamin

Have brown water? Green water? Cloudy water?

Funny how the Town of Normal’s go-to fix is flushing hydrants when their new water report claims nothing is wrong with the quality.

All those 60 year old water mains aren’t playing any part in water quality, there is nothing in the report blaming them.

I wonder why page 2 claims the Oak Street Water Main is being replaced in 2022? I wonder why they replaced Oakdale/Ruston/Grove/Margaret last year? Water quality wasn’t a problem?

Oakdale/Ruston etc was an unplanned replacement! It only took place because of outrage in those neighborhoods.

If you have been told to just run your water until it’s clear, keep track of the gallons and send them a bill.

Until all of the old mains are replaced whatever quality problems you have will return.

Don’t miss PDF page 6. If you have lead or copper in your water, it’s your plumbing’s fault.

4 thoughts on “Normal: Bad water is YOUR fault

  1. Per the IEPA, the water quality test point for the Town is just before it leaves the water plant. Thus the quality test does not include all the contaminants that are picked up during its route to your faucet.

    Net-Net…Clean water leaves the plant, but that proves nothing about it coming out of your faucet clean.

  2. Normal’s water director lives in Stanford. He doesn’t care that the residents who pay his salary and lifetime pension have to deal with brown water because of a failing network of pipes. He pretty much proved his indifference when he let Pammy raid his water enterprise fund to purchase snowplows.

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