Proof Kathleen Lorenz was WRONG

By: Diane Benjamin

Follow-up to this story:

The Town of Normal finally provided the information I requested by FOIA.

At the December 7th meeting Lorenz went on a long rant about rumors. It was aimed at a Facebook post by Marc Tiritilli concerning the quality of the water some residents have endured for a number of years because the Town has not made replacing the water main a priority. Instead they opted to run water to Rivian.

Kathleen lectured everyone on not spreading rumors. Too bad she didn’t bother to get the facts before opening her mouth.

No rumor Kathleen:

Below are three complaints from the area in question. Check the dates Kathleen, the complaints go back almost two years – NO the Town didn’t jump on the complaints as you claimed. I know there are others the Town did not provide because these aren’t the two people I spoke to.

See more complaints here – 47 pages of them:

Some of these might be from the same area, I’m just not familiar with the streets.

The complaints range from: brown water, black specs in water, yellow water, rusty water, purple water, orange water, cloudy water, sediment, fishy smell, tastes bad, and it makes anyone who drinks it sick. There is even a complaint from a tenant at 1 Uptown Circle.

Why would Rivian want to use water from the Town of Normal Kathleen?

Citizens pay for water, they deserve better than getting clothes destroyed, fixtures stained even with a water softener, and an undrinkable supply.

I expect a retraction of your “rumor” speech Monday night Kathleen.

I’m 100% positive you won’t.

19 thoughts on “Proof Kathleen Lorenz was WRONG

  1. Par for the course, whenever “they” get called on anything it’s a “rumor” OR whatever that it is has been “debunked” or is “baseless” which is absolute twaddle, they just SAY something is not true or that the problem has been addressed and is now rectified and everyone is supposed to believe THEM – sick of all of it, sick of them and that goes for just about everything from water quality on up and down.

  2. Disingenuous Kathleen won’t man up and admit that Rivian is paying her and her equally greedy cronies under the table to steal from Normal taxpayers. It’s that simple. We all know it.

  3. This just highlights why Normal needs to reprioritize spending. Koos and Pam have been too free with our money for their wants while the critical needs are neglected. Don’t forget the $1/2 million in rent for 1 Uptown while other town-owned spaces sit empty for years or are rented to friends of the Mayor for dollars a year, with all utilities included! More bike paths with gas tax money, which personally profits the Mayor. Plus, the majority of the town staff do not even live in Normal. Water, sewer, and roads may be a priority for residents, but if you don’t live here then they do not impact you as much.

    Vote for anyone but an incumbent or those who have ties with Koos or his Responsible Cities scheme.

  4. Lorenz is in her 6th year on the Council. She is responsible for the problems with the water quality in Normal. She set the priorities. Enough said!

  5. This issue shows why citizen representatives should not blindly rubber-stamp whatever the manager and mayor put before them. I am regularly chastised by the manager, mayor, and some other council members for asking what problem the staff’s requested solution is trying to fix and detail about why. I hope this episode begins to open the eyes of current and future council members and that they question the spending priorities instead of blindly following the “professional staff’s” opinion.

    If you have issues that have been neglected by the mayor and/or town staff. Contact a council member. Call each of them until you find one who is empathetic to your concern. If you cannot find one, then call people running against them and vote the empathetic into the incumbent’s place. Start calling soon. April 6 will be here before you know it.

    Stan Nord – Citizen and Taxpayer Representative on the Normal Council.

      1. I live in North Normal off of Hovey. I have called the water department multiple times since last summer about the water quality. The pool I filled for my children was brown, the shower/bath/toilet water is brown. Every time, they said it was because there was work being done on lines near or around my house. Still at least 2 times a week, I have water I do not feel is even safe to drink because it is brown, but with 6 of us living here, I have also not had a water bill under $180 a month. When we were billed before for multiple months, my water bill was never that high. It is a nightmare to pay for water that is dirty but never once have I received an answer about why the problem persists. With all of kids “doing school at home” and an abundance of dishes and more bathroom flushes, you would think those that pay their bills on time and question the quality would be adressed. Going on 9 months now, and never had anyone call back. Always just let me know your address and the proverbial they are working on systems around your area.

  6. I am not included in the complaints you are referring to, but I can tell you there are many others around me who are having the same issues. We are stocking up on bottled water because we are not sure if it is safe to drink. Honestly, I am struggling to find any time in the day teaching, working, and keeping everyone alive, but I believe I do need to be more assertive than a call two times a month. It is funny how it seems each time I call, the issue clears up for a couple of weeks, and then it is bad again. I am just frustrated because if you are charging me for “premier water services”, or at least they should be premier at this cost, it is something I have to bring to attention. Even at my place of employment, there are times when all of the toilets and water fountains are spitting out brown water, there is still nothing done. It is almost like when I call, I get put on a list of “complainers” and people avoid the conversation. I grew up on a farm and well water. I would trust that water over what I am paying a butt ton for at this point.

      1. Please feel free to do so. I believe in Stan Nord and appreciate his honesty and no backing down when he is bullied at every turn. How is it we live in a space where it is still run by those who are only out for their own interests. I grew up in a farm family by Sterling Illinois and it seems these city boys could use a lesson in working together to ensure everyone has an ends meat. If you don’t work, have some type of trade to exchange for what you need, or are an asset in your community, you have no right to be here. My father worked hard to farm land and provide for his family. We all worked hard because there was no room for laziness. Maybe instead of these fancy conferences, all of our leaders need to experience a day in the life of the constituents who at this point, even with having savings are worried about the future. Maybe they should all bale some hay and feed livestock in the winter. There is no appreciation for citizens, there is only appropriation for the members of their personal preference of community partners.

    1. Yes it is. Pressure is a little high but clear. Scott Preston lives in Ironwood too. Nice place to live if it weren’t for the ridiculous taxes.

  7. Kathleen Lorenz lecturing people on gossiping and spreading rumors. Now that’s funny ! Hypocritical , but funny.

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