Drum roll please . . presenting Karyn Smith

By: Diane Benjamin

See 25:19 Karyn Smith is reading a prepared statement during Trustee comments.

The topic is COVID and the newly announced proclamations from Pritzker. Having swallowed all of the democrat talking points, she goes on and on about keeping people safe.

She thinks the virus has to be under control before people will support local businesses. Has she has ever been to a “big box” store?

See 27:00. Karyn claims when she took office she pledged to support the Constitution of the United States and the State of Illinois, therefore she has to obey Pritzker.

If Karyn had bothered to read the Constitution of the State of Illinois she would know every word uttered by Pritzker since his 30 day power expired in April has been illegal. Two courts have ruled they are, it is Pritzker who is lawless and hurting local businesses. At 30:20 Karyn states she would rather find help for these businesses on the edge of closing forever instead of allowing them to stay open safely.

There is no proof COVID is being spread in bars in restaurants who practice safety protocols. There is a lot of proof cases are spread in nursing homes.

Stan Nord follows at 31:00. He asked what the Town position is on enforcement of the new restrictions. Stan mentions the Pritzker defeat in court and asks whether the Town can enforce illegal orders. He mentions the lockdowns started with not overloading the hospitals, they still aren’t. He talked to local businesses who will not survive. He talked to the Health Department who has no data on where the local infections are coming from. He also mentions tests are skewed by sick people getting tested instead of the entire population.

Koos follows at 35:30, he’s reading his statement. He claims to care about local businesses but he will add his name to a letter to Pritzker instead of saying “our police will not enforce the illegal actions of the governor”. He expects you to frequent local businesses at the curb instead of allowing businesses to do what they do best. Koos has decided complaints will be forwarded to the McLean County Health Department. Since they would have to go to court with proof COVID was spread at a certain establishment, they won’t bother trying to get a court order. Stay open!

According to this story: https://week.com/2020/11/02/central-illinois-mayors-react-to-states-region-2-mitigation-efforts/

Tari Renner claims the Bloomington police won’t be enforcing the orders. Chris Koos did not say the Normal police won’t. He left his businesses hanging since his past executive orders are still in force.

Meanwhile the rules are for everybody else, not Chris Koos. From his Facebook page, look like social distancing to you?


7 thoughts on “Drum roll please . . presenting Karyn Smith

  1. This response from Fuhrer Koos was of course expected. Yes, we continue to push economic devastation like it is a cure for the virus? It’s like shooting yourself in the head to cure your foot (maybe). And this is their last chance to effectively use their Fear Narrative before the coming landslide election win of President Trump and scores of down ballot Republicans.

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  2. Karyn sounds like she has gotten a brain cell implant from Biden..
    I REALLY hope she’s not so dumb as to believe what she says as gospel!


  3. Somebody needs to let her know that following “Putzer” is actually illegal, since his “dictatorship” ended at the end of April. State Assembly didn’t vote to continue his asinine dictates, so legally he is breaking the law. She wants to side with him, that makes her an accomplice. Bloomington & Normal need to grow some…. Lincoln and E. Peoria did and are not going to follow the pied piper’s dictates. We need local bars and restaurants to organize and stand up to our local socialists in government. There’s several attorneys who’ve already been successful suing for their rights.

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  4. “Tari Renner claims the Bloomington police won’t be enforcing the orders.”

    I can’t help but think that even though Cadillac Jack’s paid a fine they sent a message to Tari

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