By: Diane Benjamin

Congrats to Sen Jason Barickman for standing up to Pritzker yesterday and for small business owners here.

We elect representatives to make laws but Governor Pritzker decided he is god and representative government is over-rated. We has forbidden our representatives from having a voice in the affairs of Illinois.

It’s almost like Pritzker knows his plans would never pass the legislature.

Since the people have figured out whatever Pritzker spews, while he sends his family to Florida or Wisconsin, isn’t law. Only those wanting a state bailout are now attempting to enforce executive orders.


The Town Council will be asked to pass an ordinance to fine local businesses that are not kneeling before King Koos. If the executive orders were law an ordinance wouldn’t be needed to enforce them.

Can the Council really be this stupid?

Sure they can!

I sent an email to Trustee Stan Nord when the County Health Department only produced 1 complaint forwarded to them by the Town of Normal. He then asked the Police Chief is this was correct:

He received this response:


Chris Koos stated at the 11/2 meeting violations would be referred to the Health Department. The Joe’s Stationhouse complaint was investigated on 11/6. That complaint wasn’t sent until 11/13. https://blnnews.com/2020/12/12/you-cant-handle-the-truth/

One of these is true:

  • Whatever Koos utters at Council meetings doesn’t mean a thing, it’s just window-dressing
  • City Manager Pam Reece is really bad at conveying information to the departments who are suppose to implement policy. Is it not in the job description of the new communications manager?

Worse, Normal wants an ordinance because of ONE reported violation. A citizen received this email from Koos pertaining to the now closed Maggie Miley’s:

Koos must not realize (since his business has never shut down) it’s impossible to stay afloat when government sets the open and close rules without basing any decisions on facts. Bars and restaurants are merely easy targets. See the FACTS: https://blnnews.com/2020/12/08/normal-isnt-shutting-down-businesses-for-violations/

See this email from said Communication Manger, the list doesn’t warrant an ordinance meant only to force compliance with whatever the Democrat Governor wants. Normal is playing politics with people’s lively hoods since there is ZERO proof COVID has been spread at these establishments:

Shift to Bloomington:

Renner thinks his position as Liquor Commissioner means he can dole out fines for non-compliance with Pritzker. Again, zero proof local establishments with a Liquor License spread COVID and according to attorney Tom Devore there is nothing in the Liquor Code giving Renner the authority. Tari has stolen over $5000 with fines from people just trying to survive, meanwhile his paychecks keep rolling in.

I hope Tari is personally sued since he frequently fails to comply with Pritzker edicts. He claimed Monday night he was cleared by the McLean County Health Department. Not according to their website Tari: https://www.dph.illinois.gov/sites/default/files/COVID19/COVID-19_Quarantine_vs_Isolation.pdf

Tari told the press he received his positive test on 12/8. The MCHD website says he has to stay home for 10 days. Renner was out exercising on 12/14. How exactly did the MCHD clear Tari as he claimed? Got a certificate or letter Tari? According to the below, even if his symptoms subsided he was still supposed to stay home for 10 days. Meanwhile he had more businesses to harass with fines, only because he thinks he can.

Government is now tyrannical, it won’t end well for those in power.

10 thoughts on “Tyranny!

  1. Lets send Koos AND Renner BOTH back to Boston with their rainbow sashes. We were ALL much HAPPIER when they were gone. One way ticket of course..

  2. Boom. Gratitude, Diane, for everything you do. Pritzker’s fatal mistake was counting on GREEDY, disingenuous, sociopath, carpet-bagging foot soldiers like Renner, Koos and Reece (and others) to keep the massively destructive scam going. Drunk sociopath Tari couldn’t even stay home for an extra four days. Now we KNOW. And people in this community are waking up. I wonder if any of the cowards on the city councils will finally open their mouths, or are they ALL bought? It won’t wait until April, either….

  3. Kudos to Senator Barickman for taking a stand for small business! Unfortunately he did not get much (any) support from other elected officials.

  4. Bloomington has chosen to incentivize the fines they’ve imposed by helping needy District 87 families. News flash Bloomington, the few thousand dollars you’ve collected ain’t going to help much with the economic fallout that’s been imposed by your stupid policies. Don’t you understand YOU are the problem. The solution is freeing ourselves from this stupid, ignorant, insane, crazy government intervention fix it to screw it up redistribution plan.

    Did I say this was stupid?

  5. Koos, Renner and company have decided that releasing hardened criminals and welcoming illegals is somehow beneficial to this country while persecuting hard working Americans and small business. It will come back and bite them in their arse before they realize.

  6. Time to remove all the tyrants. We have proof the ballot box is corrupted so trying to vote them out is useless.

  7. – The previous election isn’t over yet, there are a lot of legal aspects still being explored.
    – Even if there was extreme election corruption in certain places, that does not mean we have similar corruption here.
    – It may be prudent to also plan for the worst, but the best and most important things you can do now are to support good candidates, especially financially, and try to educate and motivate others to vote appropriately in April.

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