Normal isn’t shutting down businesses for violations?

By: Diane Benjamin

The Work Session proved Normal wants to shut down businesses with FINES. Attorney Brian Day claims Restore Illinois is law even though the legislature never passed it. He needs to be the first employee replaced when new leadership is installed on May 1st. Watch the first 45 minutes, it will prove incumbents don’t deserve re-election. McCarthy and Cummings were awful, Preston wasn’t in their league but not great either. Of course the meeting wouldn’t have been called with Koos’ approval.

It was made clear during the meeting the State Health Department has no enforcement mechanisms. Ditto for the McLean County Health Department. The State Police will investigate but they won’t be arresting anyone because there is no law they can reference. The McLean County State’s Attorney will not prosecute for the same reason.

The only reason Chris Koos and Pam Reece want a local ordinance is to bully local small businesses. They didn’t mention fining Home Depot, Walmart, or Menards for violations of the 6 foot rules or occupancy limits. (Have they seen their parking lots?) Covid isn’t spread there, evidently just in locally owned restaurants and bars trying to survive.

See 15:00 and following. Koos states Restore Illinois can only be enforced by local ordinance. Reece told Stan Nord enforcement wouldn’t cost any money. (Real crimes would be ignored to bully businesses) Brian Day claims for the second time Executive Orders are law. Funny how nobody can prosecute violations except your local elected officials and only if they pass an ordinance. Does Day know how laws work?

See 19:00. Pam Reece claims they aren’t trying to shut anyone down. The fines for violating the new ordinance would start at $250 and jump to $500 – maybe higher. She must think businesses have cash stashed in the walls to pay her “boot on their neck” tax.

To further prove the intent is to shut down businesses that don’t kneel before the royal couple (Koos and Reece), see this statement in a letter written to a local establishment by Chris Koos:

Sure looks like a threat to shut down a business Mr. Mayor.

Restaurants aren’t even close to being super-spreader locations. They are the Koos and Reece target only because they are easy. Below is Region 2 which includes McLean County. April 6th can’t come soon enough.

15 thoughts on “Normal isn’t shutting down businesses for violations?

  1. All of the smaller pieces of the pie have the same 4.55% rate. The difference is which group is easiest to bully and less apt to fight.

    Koos and Pam have shown their allegiance is to Pritzker, not the residents, business owners, and employees in Normal.

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    1. Fuhrer Koos and Reich Minister Reece are insane and it doesn’t take a doctor to see it. As our Governor Pork Chop continues to push the Virus Lock-down Narrative and our lapdog leadership follows his lead, they are all hoping (and working toward) securing BILLIONS in Blue State bailout money (Pelosi’s current virus assistance legislation). So you see it doesn’t MATTER if you destroy your own economy…. the longer you hold out….the more damage you do…. will be compensated by federal money in the future.

      So they don’t really care about our businesses? They are holding out for the BIG payoff!

      If this all sounds insane… well it is!

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  2. See the Biderman Report of 1956. Albert Biderman was a psychologist that did extensive studies in behavior and mind control and how armies and oppressive governments used it to their advantage. Some of the methods used in controlling COVID behaviors are eerily similar to what he found in his studies and research. Not say’n but interesting.

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  3. Given what President Trump said yesterday about some “big things” happening in the next couple of days, it might be a good idea to keep an eye on every politician and government employee, specifically those with a (D) beside their names.

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    1. Call me reactionary, but it appears that we are in the middle of an insurrection (a revolt) let my outside forces (China, Iran) and facilitated by leftist Democrats. With that being said, there is more than enough “treason and sedition” happening to put a lot of people in prison or worse.

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  4. Koos and Reese must not be thinking about post-pandemic business climate in their precious “uptown”. It will be a ghost town and no smart businessperson would want to start a business in such an unsupportive place.

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  5. Anyone interested in eliminating the Bloomington and Normal Liquor Commissions? Both Mayor’s have used their Commission authority to behave like punks and we can easily see that authority needs to be taken away from them.

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  6. FACT! I like the SMALL slice for “MILITARY FACILITY” Does this include the 50+ veterans who have died in the LaSalle Vets home, during the J.B.PRITZKER term in office? Didn’t he campaign against Bruce Raunner on THIS item? NOW look who’s DROPPED THE BALL
    What’s YOUR imput JENN or mr CRAYBILL? You seem to pretend to represent ALL the downtrodden people!! NOW IS YOUR MOMENT TO SAY SOMETHING!! OR shut the heck up FOR GOOD! I WELCOME your input on this!!!

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  7. My head is spinning. Question for Mr. Day. If JB Pritzker’s executive orders are legal why the need for a local ordinance? Question for Pam Reece and Mayor Koos. If you aren’t trying to shut these businesses down why the need for an ordinance?

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  8. The pie chart shows the unfairness of the governor’s edict. Why isn’t the city considering that?
    Police in New York, California and elsewhere are.

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