Where did this come from?

By: Diane Benjamin

Veterans Parkway and Route 9:

My FOIA Request:

This statement was included:

None of the documents I received have the name of who is inquiring with Prairie Signs to build these. Mostly what I received are drawings. Below is an example, it’s HUGE:

Roads can’t get fixed, but you just might be getting this.

Watch next years budget.

11 thoughts on “Where did this come from?

  1. In the meantime a city crew was throwing asphalt on Hershey Rd again yesterday…you know, the section that looks and feels like a bomb was detonated! All this at struggling taxpayer expense.

  2. This is a target for Carrillo and crew to take out their frustrations on when they don’t get their way.
    We know the hatred they have for our community.
    Better than store fronts I guess but they better include repair money in their budget.

  3. But statues of Jefferson and Washington are being detroyed by antifa punks. So let’s put up some more,,,this is just stupid. Geesh!

  4. Maybe it’s a cover for the gravity wave antenna that’s connected to the mother ship so they can take Tari and Koos back home when they remove their foil caps..

  5. Have you noticed the downtown wayfinding sign at Empire and Veteran’s that has lettering so small you can’t even read it because it is inappropriate for highway signing?

  6. MOST of the signs in the 2 cities are BAD signs-small lettering, bad graphics, or just too busy, etc. There’s only a FEW good signs in this town, but sadly, they seem to want to paint murals over them-THEY call it PROGRESS or ART, I call it VANDALISM!
    Although Maggie Mileys has a GREAT sign, and look what koos/uptown-pammie did to them, they just don’t have good taste in TRUE sign art!

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