Bloomington officially releases the 4/30/2020 financials tonight. Late enough?

By: Diane Benjamin

Due to Christmas the Bloomington City Council is changing their meeting schedule. They will be meeting tonight.

One item on the agenda:

It should be riveting to hear discussion of data that is 8 months old. Congrats Bloomington, you aren’t supposed to know any facts in a timely manner. I wonder if they will mention pension funding or TIF districts?

In other business:

The monkey exhibit at the zoo is going to cost you another $31,919.00. The change order is on the consent agenda.

A Liquor License is on the agenda for 706 N Clinton. It is on the Consent Agenda so it won’t be discussed unless someone pulls it. Emails are included from neighbors opposed, they must not matter.

The Council will be considering property taxes tonight:

The amount the City wants receive is the same but that depends on the final Equalized Accessed Value (EAV). If values are down the rate must go up to receive the same amount. If the EAV is up the rate will go down.

Bills and payroll:

Quarterly rebate

Details of the Green Top agreement:

Impartial press?






5 thoughts on “Bloomington officially releases the 4/30/2020 financials tonight. Late enough?

  1. 8 months, eh? No time like the present. Of course, the Mayor and Council members will talk about the amazing shape the finances are in despite the challenges of COVID. They’ll cherrypick some favorable stats and move on, as it were a mere formality. More zoo funding so the employees will continue voting big government. Liquor licenses have become exclusively political in Bloomington. Renner has consolidated his power to lord over who can sell booze. Meanwhile, Green Top gets their quarterly kiss in the mail from City Hall via your tax dollars. Wonder if the City has inspected payroll reports from Green Top. Those payroll numbers seem high for such a small store with limited foot traffic. If there are 25 employees (full- and part-time combined), I wonder if any are no show jobs.

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  2. Green Top is NOT a grocery store in ANY sense of the definition. It’s a “feel good” yuppie place for the uptowners and Taris tag-a-longs to SAY they shop at and help out the local farmers. REALLY?? If you want to do that, just go to a farmers market, get it FRESH, QUICK, and at 1/4 the cost. That place is just a plain RIP-OFF!
    And ANYONE who would go there and DOUBLE their SNAP purchases SHOULD have to take 20 hours MANDATORY of “How to shop frugally”.

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