Due Process Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin


Since every office holder in Normal took and oath to uphold the US Constitution and the Illinois Constitution, they can not keep their oath of office by shutting down local businesses without compensating the proprietors.

Think Maggie Miley’s liberty and property were protected when Pam Reece sent the police in? They are out of business because government would not allow them to stay open. Their Due Process rights were violated because there has never been any proof they spread the virus.

If there was proof the McLean County Health Department would have shut them down. The owners should personally sue Chris Koos and Pam Reece. They are the reason the business no longer exists.

Do laws and the Illinois Constitution still matter?

It’s hard to tell.

Click the Illinois Constitution link above. The list of rights goes on. Many are being trampled merely because tyrants can.

10 thoughts on “Due Process Normal!

  1. Passing this ordinance gives Pam protection from personal liability. She could care less if the town is held liable as it won’t impact her financially. This is a CYA move.

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  2. Absolutely agree. According to them everything they do is based on “the science”.
    Show us the science on this because if you don’t have it you are either derelict in your duty, willfully destructive, or maybe you just don’t care.

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  3. The town of normal needs to be held accountable for their actions. They are not judge and jury. They have no right to come into someone’s business and shut them down. They do not have the right to pick and choose which law and which scientific measure they want to say that they use without proving it to us first.

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  4. It does not help taxpayers for the town to be held accountable, PEOPLE made these decisions, so PEOPLE need to be held accountable. Too often people hide behind the veil of “The Town”.

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  5. There is nothing preventing anyone from suing someone personally whether the act of intentional wrongdoing was done at their place of business or outside of it. There is a legal angle for everything. Go after Reece and Koos and anyone else personally if they negatively affected your business in anyway. If no local attorney will take the case there are plenty in Chicago, St. Louis or Indy that will. Best of luck. Fry these people for everything they have done. Their actions are from being drunk with power.

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  6. Once Madigan goes down, the downstate tyrants will have no protection at all. Chicago deep state is deep but the rats will be too busy covering their own buts to worry about the lemmings Renner & Koos. Long on popcorn.

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