Normal wants to legalize closing local businesses

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By: Diane Benjamin

At 6:15 tonight the “professional staff” will present options to the Council to retaliate legally against any business that is not kneeling to Pritzker’s Restore Illinois edicts. Since the legislature didn’t pass it, not complying isn’t against any laws and can’t be prosecuted. Pritzker can’t get compliance so he wants locals to pass and enforce laws for him.

It won’t matter businesses have closed permanently and others are barely hanging on. The council will also be asked if they want to create rewards for those that did kneel while penalizing those that didn’t.

This isn’t about safety, it’s tyranny from those who supposedly work for citizens. Stay tuned, Bloomington might be trying the same.

Koos doesn’t have to worry, his business if fine:

17 thoughts on “Normal wants to legalize closing local businesses

  1. When a house is on fire with elderly, vulnerable people in it does it make sense to call the fire department and tell them to hose down the houses, close the schools and destroy the businesses around them in order to save the ones in the burning house?
    Look at the death statistics. This is what we are doing.

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      1. I say triple the pay of nursing home workers, use quick tests every day on every one, give every nursing home in the state with its 65,000 residents grants for whatever they need.
        This will be much less costly and more effective than destroying our kids education, driving small businesses out of business, crippling our economy and driving people to madness.

        50% of the deaths from Covid are in a population of 1/2% of the state. Circle the wagons around the nursing homes not our schools and businesses.

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      2. Sorry for commenting so much but….
        Sadly the state and local governments are making these decisions to close down businesses *without* definitive proof that they are the cause of the spread of covid. They are doing what they are doing based on unscientific assumptions.

        So they are personally liable for the destruction of people’s livelihoods.

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  2. Normal is already dispatching police and threatening businesses who don’t comply with “non-laws”. To me, it makes no sense to ask the Council for permission for something they are already doing.

    Staff & Council were told the policy was to refer to the Health Dept. Staff decided not to comply with the policy. Now they are asking for permission after the deed is already done. Who is ignoring the rules now?

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    1. Yet, the police refuse to remove drunks 12-15 wondering the halls of a family apartment building. disturbing the other residents in the building. Damaging the physical property of the complex. Fighting and yelling at 3 am in the parking lots. No masks, open liquor and disturbing the peace.


  3. The tactics employed by Renner and Koos regarding the threat to take licenses from people that are following the law is blackmail. Their day is coming.

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  4. We should look for how our governments intend to scapegoat their decisions. Who will they blame this on, who will they make pay for their bad decisions? Any guess?

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  5. Businesses in Normal need to take a stand against the bullies of the council. Pam Reese wouldn’t know what struggling to stay afloat looks like. She doesn’t have to worry about keeping employees paid, making ends meat. I think it’s hilarious that Pams mom lives in the ever so affordable lofts in the square.

    Who else can’t wait for the revolt?

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  6. ODD, how the people that these “folks admire, like “ole JOE” want unity, after Trump, but they are just making it worse. DOn’t do as I DO-DO AS I SAY!

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