Normal’s reputation after last night

By: Diane Benjamin If you already knew “right fit” businesses are all that matters in Normal, last night cemented their place in history for being unfriendly to business. The Town levied fines on Joe’s Stationhouse Pizza for daring to defy Pritzker’s spewings when the Illinois Constitution clearly states emergency powers last 30 days. It was […]

MORE: Rules for thee but not for me

By: Diane Benjamin Documentation for Town of Normal meeting on 12/7/2020: See a problem? Hint: Chris Koos announced on 11/2 that violations of Pritzker’s Restore Illinois would be sent to the Health Department. It was on 11/6 when Pam Reece sent the police to Maggie Miley’s. What violations? Indoor dining! The entire Council was […]

Normal isn’t shutting down businesses for violations?

By: Diane Benjamin The Work Session proved Normal wants to shut down businesses with FINES. Attorney Brian Day claims Restore Illinois is law even though the legislature never passed it. He needs to be the first employee replaced when new leadership is installed on May 1st. Watch the first 45 minutes, it will prove incumbents […]

The fines for Bloomington’s Past Due reports

By:  Diane Benjamin This is an update to yesterday’s story: Bloomington has two reports that are now past due at the Comptroller’s office.  Last night a guy from that office called me after I requested information. First, one of the reports is a TIF report.  If the City is trying to use the excuse […]