Normal’s reputation after last night

By: Diane Benjamin

If you already knew “right fit” businesses are all that matters in Normal, last night cemented their place in history for being unfriendly to business.

The Town levied fines on Joe’s Stationhouse Pizza for daring to defy Pritzker’s spewings when the Illinois Constitution clearly states emergency powers last 30 days. It was Pritzker who acted as a dictator by not calling the legislature back in session to actually create laws. His Executive Orders were meaningless except to those who chose to do his bidding and harass those who failed to comply.

The local restaurants who did comply did so because they are sheep afraid to confront the wolf. There was never any proof indoor dining socially distanced spread COVID. States that locked down saw MORE cases because people gathered elsewhere, like homes. Kathleen Lorenz voted to punish Joe’s because the businesses that did comply felt shafted.

Want proof there is no law? Both the State’s Attorney and the McLean County Health Department stated they can not enforce the ban on indoor dining. Chris Koos stated all complaints would be referred to the Health Department during a meeting on November 2nd, shortly after he issued threats and fines. Last night Kathleen Lorenz wondered why Pritzker didn’t provide an enforcement mechanism. Duh, he can’t make laws. Remember those other people we elect to represent us who never got to voice opinions for us?

5 of the 7 voted to fine Joe’s. Stan Nord and Scott Preston were the only ones opposed. Stan brought up the staff and two Council members indoor dining in the small conference room. Chemberly Cummings claimed she felt perfectly safe and they were discussing business, so they didn’t violate Pritzker. They did, but since it’s business it must be okay. The common people just aren’t allowed to indoor dine because they aren’t doing important work.

By the way, if you see Chemberly Cummings in public stay 20 feet away from her. She is terrified of going into stores and mixing with the little people.

The discussion starts at 3:21:15. I purposely didn’t tell you where comments you need to see are. You need to watch the entire discussion. While surrounding communities have allowed their businesses to be open, Normal proves they prosecute entrepreneurs only because they can.

4:10:40 Koos uses Roberts Rules of Order to make sure Stan Nord can’t speak.

Joe’s was fined $1750 and ordered to pay $920.00 for the court reporter and another $1500 for the hearing officer. In addition they will not get their Liquor License Fees waived this year, maybe another $2500.

Joe’s will appeal to the State Liquor Commission. When this is eventually ruled illegal, the Town attorney needs fired. Of course, he was only doing what was expected of him.

22 thoughts on “Normal’s reputation after last night

  1. It is crazy to me there are exceptions to each and every rule the council puts out but those exceptions are specifically for them and only they are able to determine what that looks like. These businesses are what keep B/N going as well as provide many jobs and services to the community. What does that say to a business who has opened not one but two places in our community. Why did Daddios not get a Million dollar fine then for them having hundreds of people in their bar which posted all over social media. I know Bloomington and Normal are different communities, but for the love of God, I could catch COVID at Walmart, Target, Vitesse, or walking into City Hall. To leverage this on a business which has been struggling as we are now a full year into this pandemic, all the town is saying is screw you. Who has it out for owners of this company? Did they take a stand against the “in crowd” of Normal. This is not high school.

    1. “This is not high school.” No, it’s not. Unless you went to an extremely rough high school where money laundering, kickbacks/use of public office for private gain, weaponizing licensing commissions & the criminal justice system — and much much worse — was the norm.

  2. YEP, wear your mask and stay away from Chemberly! Can’t let ignorance rub off on us! I get a hoot out of restaurants where you have to wear a mask and only use 25% or 50% of the space, yet the ceiling fans are buzzing away like a P-51 Mustang going into battle! Yet AGAIN uptown proves that they are above the “common people” and at the same time show their butts!..
    And WHERE in heck is it written in STONE that a BICYCLE shop is an essential business?? I NEVER want nor NEED to enter one, as I can do my own work, but I darn sure like a pizza once in a while!
    Thank you STAN and SCOTT for showing that there ARE some folks in uptown with cerebral matter!

  3. I hope Joe’s wins big time, these people need to be stopped – a friend of mine posted a short but very true thing today on facebook -“No one can rule, if no one will obey”- Lao Tzu – that is so true, as to the “pigs” “The common people just aren’t allowed to indoor dine because they aren’t doing important work.” In Animal Farm it was stated that the pigs deserve the best food and the best of everything because they do the important work. “They” of course also get to determine what is the important work. It’s sort of like a hospital in a way, the administrator can be gone for days, weeks even and everything goes just fine, but let a bunch of nurses and nurses aides and some housekeepers and dietary workers be gone for a day or two and the place is a mess of chaos and begins to be overwhelmed. They need US FAR more than we need them in reality. Mass disobedience may be the only way to lift the tyranny. I just wish people would realize it – together we are strong, alone we are weak, the “pigs” know this and they count on people NOT banding together as a unit to confront and disobey them. They do this by picking off anyone who dares disobey on their own which scares the others. I am soooo sick of these people, and, the ridiculous, yes I called them ridiculous, people who continue to put them in control.

      1. I always do my best, my ONE little vote, not being part of the privileged group I’m only allowed one vote, but if enough of us do it, they may not be able to get away with fraud in such a small situation, like they did on a national level.

      2. If for some reason you don’t want to vote for one of Karl Sila, David Paul Blumenshine, or Steve Harsh for Town Council, Donna Toney is also a good choice.
        Voting is certainly the most important thing you can do, but it takes more – Do you like seeing all those Marc signs around town? I know I do, but those cost money, and I take pride in knowing I paid for minimum two of them myslef. Websites, mailers, and even business cards all take money. “I don’t give money to political candidates because they’re all rich and corrupt anyway” is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If the council gives/saves one of their friends thousands of dollars, you can bet that friend will be happy to donate generously to their re-election campaigns. Then all the good ‘little people’ wonder why we seem to only elect bad candidates. I was the same way myself for years, so I understand, but just voting is unlikely to change much:
        – Like Facebook pages and posts
        – Write letters of support to the Pantagraph (and do so early as they close off submissions!)
        – Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, whoever will listen that their vote is important, and Why
        – Volunteer to put up signs, drop off literature, or make phone calls
        – Remind those friends etc as election day gets closer
        – And I know times are tough right now, but if we had had a good, fiscally responsible council in place for the last 20 years, you’d have saved minimum $100. Per Year. Per Person. Donating just $20 to each of the people who were brave enough to step forward and say ‘Enough!’ on your behalf will not only feel good, but will pay back 4-fold or more.

  4. Let’s go back to RIVIAN, shall we?
    What does the name “rivian” mean? Why would you name a car company “Rivian”?

    Yiddish Hebraism for “bury” or a noun meaning “ditch, trench”
    Riv is also root of “riving,” which is a verb meaning “cut, tear or sever something apart”
    “riv ut” in Norwegian means “tear out”

    Suffix meaning “specializing in, belonging to” (as in Orwellian, Machiavellian)

    Riv·ian = “specializing in (or relating to) tearing/severing something apart or burying something”

    Of all the names a car company could pick in the world…why “RIVIAN”? With this possible meaning?
    When did the water going into West Normal suddenly start turning brown? Why? Did it start circa 2017-2018?
    Why are some Normal politicians so religiously intent on running a special water line to Rivian?
    How did Mitsubishi get along manufacturing cars all those years with just the existing water supply?
    Food for thought, right?

  5. Time is up for Koos and The Rest of The Progressives on The Town Counsel…Vote Tiritilli, Blumenshine., Sila, and Harsh on April 6th!!

  6. I have no problems socially distancing myself from the Royal Fortress. I can go a lot further than 20 feet. Just hope the voters do the same on April 6.

  7. The dictator in Normal keeps businesses closed while here in Tennessee all businesses are open and packed! See the difference between a dictatorship and a republic?

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