It’s past time for TRUTH to be all that matters

By: Diane Benjamin

I was in the room yesterday when the 3 person McLean County Electoral Board issued their ruling. The first of the three members who gave her opinion was a Democrat – Assistant State’s Attorney Mary Koll.

Koll was adamant that courts where there was clearly no fraud or intent to confuse voters have ruled candidates can stay on the ballot even when a technicality like failing to number pages occurred. See the actual ruling in yesterday’s story:

Read this post from Facebook and see if you can figure out who the Democrats left out. The final vote was 3-0, it wasn’t a partisan decision when representatives of both parties agreed to the ruling. Truth matters, just not to the writer of this post. Democrats should reveal who funded the lawyer they hired for the objections, if truth actually matters.

Republicans aren’t above making up their own facts either – Scott Preston’s campaign literature:

Has anybody seen Scott Preston speak at a School Board meeting? Parents fought back against CRT, Masks, vaccinations – where was Scott?

Did Preston object to Normal’s attacks on small businesses who didn’t kneel in front of the Town’s COVID policies? Actually, he did! Only Preston and Stan Nord voted against Town fines to Joe’s Stationhouse Pizza. The rest of the Council let Reece and Koos penalize businesses because they weren’t big box stores who were deemed essential. (Lorenz was one of them)

Preston stumbles when claiming to keep taxes low however. 

Preston voted YES on spending Water Enterprise Funds on snow plow equipment. Your water rates will increase because the promises made about Enterprise Funds don’t matter:

Below is a previous campaign card Preston used:

This literature claims he voted no on Property Tax increases. That isn’t the truth:

Preston only voted against ONE property tax increase while on the Normal Town Council. Is that why his campaign literature now just refers to “taxes” instead of property taxes?

Links to the minutes referenced above:

Demand truth or you won’t get it!

You will be hearing a lot of lies with elections getting closer. Investigate yourself, voting for liars is why government is failing us.

5 thoughts on “It’s past time for TRUTH to be all that matters

  1. Voters learn that politicians make large promises when captaining, best to judge by their voting record. Preston has a record of raising taxes and spending in Normal. Please look for a better choice!

  2. Preston is a liar, but Republicans are just as stupid as Democrats. Both believe whatever their propaganda machines tell them to believe.

  3. When I asked Scott about his record on property taxes he claims he has’t voted to raise them. Who should I believe Scott or Diane?

    Scott, please tell us if Diane reported your tax hike votes accurately.

  4. Scott Preston became the youngest person to serve on Normal Town Council in history. Adam Kinzinger was the youngest person to ever serve on the McLean County Board. Both RINOs.

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