Nobody thrown off the ballot

By: Diane Benjamin

Original story about the petition challenges is in this story:

The 3 person board ruled all County Board candidates will remain on the ballot.

Court cases were cited concerning numbering pages. They showed not numbering pages did not threaten election integrity, candidates were not removed for this technicality. The vote was 3-0.

Objectors did not make any claims of fraud.

I will post a copy of the ruling when it is available. I will also post a copy of the 4th Appellate Court ruling cited above.

Ruling of the McLean County Electoral Board:

4 thoughts on “Nobody thrown off the ballot

  1. The McLean Co. Democrats have shown they have no problem filing frivolous lawsuits to win. The local Dems are being just as crappy and divisive as they are at the National level. The sad part is if any of these Republicans win then I expect the Democrats will scream foul for the duration of their terms.


  2. We can fully expect these “democrats,” who are actually very proud communists, to be ruthless, angry, and loud. Just be prepared.


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