Send a message to the Normal Council:

Normal proved Monday night they are not a business friendly community, of course we knew that. Their “Right Fit” policies mean only those businesses they approve of or kneel before them are welcome.

If you missed this story:

A GoFundMe has been set up by Curt Nord to help with the fines levied by 5 of the 7 Council members – total $4170 not including legal fees.


Send a message to the Council now, then vote out the incumbents April 6th.

See more information and donate here:

Government should never shut down businesses without proof they are a danger to the public. Pritzker had none, Normal was just doing his bidding.

4 thoughts on “Send a message to the Normal Council:

  1. Just curious, what’s this Devore guy’s win/loss percentage on these lawsuits. He seems to have quite the scam going…

    And you’re right, the council is way out of line on this.

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  2. Kathy called the $1,750 fine “the cost of doing business.” In Normal, that is. Remember that the next time you see Kathy’s pictures on Facebook of her at the Chamber gatherings. Since Kathy likes to troll people’s Facebook pages, maybe it’s time people start trolling hers.

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