Local Elections aren’t non-partisan

By: Diane Benjamin

Local elections are supposedly non-partisan. Of course they never have been but nobody will openly admit that. I hear the local trades announced they are supporting democrats. Do the rank and file know it was democrats who shut down their favorite after work watering hole?

In Bloomington these 4 have formed their own party:

They can’t call themselves what they really are – democrat socialist. Of course they are merely the far left wing of the democrat party.

Bloomington has 2 of their ilk on the Council now. Carrillo and Crabill have abolished Columbus Day, created Juneteenth, promoted rights for illegal aliens, want the police defunded, but not much else.

If you want a Council that does NOTHING but things like the above, they are who to vote for. They are not about representing citizens, they are about POWER.

Proof: How much do candidates usually spend to get elected? May a couple thousand for brochures and signs.

Patrick Lawler:

Campaign finances: https://illinoissunshine.org/committees/36196/

As of 12/31/2020 Lawler had $5,450. That is after spending $1600 on election software – NGP VAN.


From their website:

NGP VAN is the leading technology provider to Democratic and progressive campaigns and organizations, as well as nonprofits, municipalities, and other groups, offering clients an integrated platform of the best fundraising, compliance, field, organizing, digital, and social networking products.

Why does Lawler need software when a precinct list of voters is handed to candidates on request?

Would you vote for a free spender? On council he won’t be spending his own money, he will be spending yours.

Lawler is running for power, not to help citizens. Public servants aren’t progressives. Progressives think they know better than you how to run your life. If he is willing to spend money on software for a Ward campaign he will spend money on anything.

The reports Lawler filed do not show contributions of anything close to $5,450. He needs to correct his reports so it doesn’t look like “dark money” is funding his campaign. The first report he filed was for September 2020. That report shows a beginning balance of $4,734.50.

Lawler needs to say where that money came from. Is he buying the seat himself? Ward 5 needs to know!

You can see the State of Illinois Lawler campaign disclosures here: https://www.elections.il.gov/CampaignDisclosure/CommitteeDetail.aspx?ID=ggPyoLXGsG6gO80Hev5ydg%3d%3d&T=637481146173353185






12 thoughts on “Local Elections aren’t non-partisan

    1. I was the one fron Wisconsin. Went to college with Pat. He’s a great and trustworthy guy. So I donated to support him, I know its crazy!


      1. Lawler…..trustworthy???? As a parent of NCHS students, my answer to that is HELL NO! Lawler is a master manipulator of teenage kids and has a huge socialist agenda. I suspect he has gotten bored with telling 16 year old kids what to think and where to go think it so it’s time to move to bigger platforms. Lawler and trustworthy don’t belong in the same book, but I suppose if you allow the cancel culture to redefine yet another word in Merriam Webster there’s an outside shot it could make sense.

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    1. Uh huh, I REALLY wish so many people in Bloomington weren’t so uninformed. If real every day people actually were informed AND voted we wouldn’t be saddled with these sort of people, they wouldn’t have a chance. They rely on the ignorance of voters so they can dazzle with BS, spend the money of “outside contributors” on marketing themselves and then those easily led little muffins toddle off and vote. Do these people ever ask WHY some rich guy in Chicago wants to invest in some little city council seat in Bloomington, Illinois? No, they don’t, because they are ignorant. The ignorant remain ignorant because they seldom research anything, or even question anything.

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  1. You realize that there is no far left political moment in America, right?

    Every politician being painted as a ‘radical left’ is really a left leaning centrist.

    But that doesn’t really fit your narrative, does it?


      1. See you’re not even trying to defend your stance, you’re just attacking. Great example of the ad hominem fallacy, and frankly, rude.

        This just proves that you don’t actually welcome discourse, and insead wish to be surrounded by individuals that trumpet the same stances as you.

        Prove me wrong, please.

        Show an example of extreme leftism.


  2. How am I being closed minded? You’re projecting.

    I’m trying to have a discussion and you are trying to dismiss any possible discourse.

    Don’t you see the irony in that?

    Also, your email notifications aren’t working.

    Anyway, far left movements advocate for the abolishment of private property and businesses, not just expanded social programs.

    I hope you open yourself up to more perspectives over time, instead of just accusing other of being closed minded.

    Have a good day.


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