Funny, but true

In honor of all those who think fossil fuels can be eliminated:

9 thoughts on “Funny, but true

  1. Uh huh, I swear to God the rank and file little leftists are about as naive as very small children though when it comes to a LOT of things and when you try to explain things to them, or even use visual aids or videos like the one above they sort of stare and blink or they get that expression on their face, I’m sure y’all have seen it, that pretty much indicates that they simply will not accept reality if it doesn’t conform to their desires.

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  2. It is not funny it is sad….

    1) To think the indoctrinzation of the green initiative in schools may actually given us a bunch of self entitled students who do not know these things are here due to petroleum.

    2) The commercial should have shown a field of windmills and solar panels, then made them disappear because petroleum products are used in windmills and solar panel construction.

    3) Maybe a few pictures of starving people would also be in order because if we did not have the equipment to farm that we currently do that run on petrpleum products, food production would be much less and could not sustain half the current population.

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    1. Maybe some videos of the kids who work in the cobalt mines to make the lithium batteries for all of their electric cars and “mobile device” crap. I wonder if that would wake up any part of their sadly vacant brains.

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  3. Both GM and Ford are going to eliminate fossil fueled automobiles by 2035. Here are others automobile makers who are going electric:

    GM said it plans to phase out gas-powered vehicles by 2035 an exact date for an all-EV line. The effort starts, however, with plans for 20 all-electric vehicles by 2023.

    Ford created the EV-dedicated “Team Edison” to focus on the development of all-electric cars. The automaker also pledged to invest $4.5 billion over five years on new all-electric and hybrid vehicles, with 13 new models slated for release by 2023.

    Toyota and Mazda recently announced that they’re teaming up with auto-parts manufacturer Senso to create a new company to develop basic EV technology for use across multiple vehicle types and models, expanding beyond Toyota’s Prius line. The two Japanese carmakers also pledged to build a $1.6 billion U.S.-based plant by 2021, where they’ll work on electric and hybrid vehicles.

    Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz, will invest $1 billion in an Alabama plant to produce all-electric SUVs and build a battery facility, and $10 billion in EV development overall. Mercedes-Benz outlined a plan to electrify its “entire portfolio” by 2022, offering 50 electric and hybrid models.

    The Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi alliance will work together to develop new systems to use across their vehicle lines, with a focus on “purely electric” EVs like the Nissan Leaf. The automakers plan to release 12 all-electric models by 2022.

    Before you start crying that China and other countries are a big polluters: China, the world’s biggest car market, is working on an outright ban on gas-powered vehicles to combat air pollution and is ramping up efforts to build out electric driving infrastructure. France and the UK announced that new gas and diesel vehicles will be banned by 2040, and other countries like Norway and India have established their own goals for EV adoption. There hasn’t been any talk of gas bans in the U.S., but there are efforts to promote electric and hybrid vehicles at the state level.

    The point is not to totally eliminate fossil fuel, but to eliminate the CO2 that cars put in our atmosphere. A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. Automobile drive is one of the biggest polluters an contributors to greenhouse gases.


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