Illinois wants to make indoctrinating students the law

Note to parents: You too can have brain dead indoctrinated “I hate America kids”. Read the first comment.

By: Diane Benjamin

We do know a socialist, Patrick Lawler, is teaching at Normal Community. Since his campaign videos show students supporting his candidacy for the Bloomington City Council, think he isn’t giving them his views of America? Maybe “you need to hate capitalism”?

Socialists need poor people so they are totally dependent on government. In a free society the people don’t need the meager handouts government provides when they can earn much more with hard work.

A reader sent my audio of the Heyworth School Board meeting. Listen to Public Comment between 6:00 and 11:00 minutes. Two parents are relating what their children have experienced in the classroom. CNN was on in a classroom, that is indoctrination without the teacher saying a word.

See this link:

Compulsory Political Ideology for Illinois K-12 Teachers And Classrooms Moves Closer To Finalization 

Illinois doesn’t want to teach “How To Think”, they want to teach your kids what to think!


At least some answers are probably shared by most everybody — right, center and left – and certainly by the best of our teachers.

It should mean devotion to training our young people to think critically, free from any doctrinaire political mandates imposed on classrooms.

It should mean prioritizing basic skills for students in systems that have failed to teach them to read or compute at the most basic levels.

And it definitely should mean freedom to enter and stay in the teaching profession without any political litmus test.

Those answers, however, will be void if a pending rule in Illinois is allowed to become effective. The rule, proposed by the Illinois State Board of Education, is called the Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards, or CRTL Standards. It will get final ratification on February 16 unless heavy opposition materializes.

Teachers and Parents should be outraged at the indoctrination the State of Illinois wants inflicted on your kids.

Another Except:

 “Illinois is literally about to mandate that every one of its licensed teachers adopt progressive political orthodoxy and impart that ideology to students,” Kurtz wrote. “The entire Illinois teacher corps will be effectively forced into political re-education and compelled to turn their classes into woke indoctrination sessions.”

What more information? Another story:

One more:

You can stop this by overwhelming JCAR with opposition. If you don’t fight back now the entire school system will be teachers forced to indoctrinate your children.

Contact these members:

15 thoughts on “Illinois wants to make indoctrinating students the law

  1. And most sane parents don’t want their children anywhere near your idea of an education. Anti-science and picking and choosing history according to your warped worldviews isn’t an education. You’re certainly not for training children to have critical thinking skills, in fact you want the opposite, you want them to be as narrow-minded as you are. Sorry the Earth isn’t flat, the Earth isn’t 6,000 years-old and climate change is real and happening now. This country has also had over 400 years of slavery and 200 years oppressing African Americans and other minorities. Apparently you can’t deal with the truth and you’re desperately pushing your beliefs on unsuspecting children. You want to teach children history that lacks perspective or context and insert outright lies. Your also engaged in unabashed anti-science disinformation initiative which is downright dangerous. If anyone is “indoctrinating’ it’s you.


  2. Abolish federal AND state education departments. Problem solved. Property taxes are too high anyway. And education is no longer a priority, but indoctrination is. Abolish the entire system, right down to the teachers that don’t want to do their jobs. Get rid of all of it.

    And to Wilco and anyone else, no offense, but I wouldn’t want a child I raised to be taught by any of you.

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  3. I read through the new education policy changes for teachers. THIS IS COMPLETE LUNACY!
    I was thinking that we wouldn’t see critical race theory in our schools for a while. I was wrong. This is as if Marx himself had returned from the grave.
    This ideological manifesto will teach our kids that they are to identify themselves and others as members of oppressed or oppressor groups. And you thought we had discipline problems before!

    1)Understand and value the notion that multiple lived experiences exist, that there is not one “correct”way of doing or understanding something, and that what is seen as “correct”is most often based on our lived experiences. Guess who’s lived experience is wrong and must be stamped out.

    The State Board of Education is rewriting the job description for all teachers base on critical race theory and intersectionality. Teachers will be evaluated on a VERY extensive list of requirements that will more or less turn them into social reconstruction workers, not educators. There are 65! action items that teachers will be evaluated on. ALL of them related to = 7)Recognize how their identity (race/ethnicity, national origin, language, sex and gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical/developmental/emotional ability, socioeconomic class, religion, etc.) affects their perspectives and beliefs about pedagogy and students. This is NOT a job description. It IS a manifesto.

    For example they must teach about –
    b)Systems of Oppression –Culturally responsive teachers and leaders understand that there are systems in our society that create and reinforce inequities, thereby creating oppressive conditions. Educators work actively against these systems in their everyday roles in educational institutions. Performance Indicators− The culturally responsive teacher and leader will: list of 7 action items followed.

    So much for the fundamentals of reading, writing and arithmetic. Our new schools will teach that those are just “one truth” that is only based on a culture whose purpose is meant to oppress.

    I don’t know who I feel more sorry for the students or the teachers. I can hear it now when Billy gets an F on his math test – “Oh no Mrs. Jones, 2+2 use to equal 4 but as we all know your old math is just a figment of your lived experience.”
    “I’m sorry Billy, you deserve an A.”

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    1. Oh, and I forgot to mention this tidbit in the document.
      6)Published studies or reports, and sources of underlying data, used to compose this rulemaking: None

      None that they would admit to.


  4. At 3:00 yesterday my wife drove past the ARC building in normal and the parking lot was absolutely full to the brim. Social distancing not happening there


  5. Indoctrination involes force WILCO and no one forces anyone to visit this site so you have no argument. But just for laughs plese explain how you arrived at “over 400 years” when 2021-1776 = 245 years. And uh, skip the common core math.


      1. I’m sure you’re right,I was going to inform him/her/them (whatever their preferred pronoun is) of that same thing. Perhaps since he/she/they are so smart they may enjoy learning about the bloody history of conquests that went on on the North American continent way before the evil “white devils” came that included not just forced slavery of the conquered people but some ritual sacrifices now and then as well – though yes the Europeans, were often horrible to the Indigenous groups but it was nothing new to the Continent. The history of every part of this earth (that IS round by the way) has it’s share of slavery and the domination by one group or another over another group. I also wonder how Wilco would feel about people from oh say Cuba, or Venezuela who fled socialism/communism coming and speaking “THEIR truth” to classes, maybe a few people who lived through the Soviet domination of Poland and some other Eastern European countries, maybe reading some stories of how many Irish were also kept as virtual slaves trying to “work off” the cost of their passage, that never seemed to to be paid off. SOOOO much history, so little time… Oh and 2+2 IS 4. It’s also amusing how only SOME “science” is approved.

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  6. “WILCO doesn’t bother with facts. Hating America is a pastime.” I’m sure you’re right, a lot of “them” don’t, it makes it easier to enjoy their “pastime”

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  7. WILCO75: Here’s something to mull over, YOUR quote that the earth isn’t 6,000 years old. I like that , because you’re absolutely RIGHT. Because IF you take a minute to READ the bible in Genesis Chapter 1, verse 5 GOD called the light DAY and the dark NIGHT!
    So putting that into perspective, the TIME before that were GOD “DAYS” so they are NOT conventional 24 hour days as YOU call them, so since you obviously sat down with GOD and asked him HOW LONG his first days were in OUR TIME, what did he tell you?? I like to know, as I’m thinking he had a VERY LONG work day those first few..
    As for the idiots teaching anyones children ANYTHING useful, We’re S.O.L…


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