2020 McLean County Suicides

By: Diane Benjamin

In 2019 McLean County saw a total of 18 suicides. The total for 2020 was 27. That is is 50% increase in one year. 1 more death is under investigation as a probably suicide according to the December report.

Drug overdoses are down from 26 in 2019.

Covid? Lockdowns? Schools closed? Anybody asking why people are killing themselves at a higher rate?

This data came from reports presented by Coroner Kathy Yoder to the McLean County Justice Committee: https://mcleancountyil.gov/Archive.aspx?AMID=70

2020SuicidesDrug Overdoses
February 22

11 thoughts on “2020 McLean County Suicides

  1. Also thumbing through the reports from the Sheriff and Legal.
    There was no mention about activities related to illegal aliens. If that is categorized as misdemeanor, there was a 9% decrease from last year.
    I assumed that, given all the angst over the Welcoming Cities ordinance and the claims that we apparently have an illegal population that is deathly afraid of police abuse, there would be something to point to in the reports as proof for or against it.
    It is important to understand the level of alleged police abuse if we are going to rewrite the operating procedures of our police. Something more than – someone said they know someone who said something.
    I believe it would behoove our police and legal administrations to either begin tracking illegal alien statistics or release those stats to our city councils and the public so that we can make decisions that aren’t based on fabrication or hearsay; especially in light of our new president’s push to open the flood gates at our southern border.


    Why on earth would you print such inconvenient and unpleasant information like this? No one in OUR families or social circles are these people, we couldn’t care less. Stop ruining our buzz!
    Actually, the China virus has been GREAT for us. We work from home (for multinational corporations in white-collar professions – thank God we have TWO home offices!) in our 9,500 square-foot house (absolute minimum space for a family of four!), and we don’t have to fill up the Escalade and the Tahoe every other day by commuting (big savings!). More $$$ to spend at Sam’s Club and Amazon on useless (but fun!) crap.
    Diane, the local and state politicians have EVERYTHING covered (they know what’s best for those poor suicidal people!) so we will happily and blindly keep voting for them as long as the good times roll. For us.
    Gotta run. Both the kids (ages 4 and 6) need new iPhone 12’s…aaaaaand gotta stop at the wine store for something good to go with lobster for a dinner party this weekend. Nothing too fancy…just 10 of the “close” gang from the club (oops! are dinner parties allowed? oh well, a “person of influence” is coming whose campaign we funded, we’re good!) And I just got a new Gucci face mask that people are gonna die for!

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    1. Excellent summation, and yes a very good description of the Karens and Kevins who are ALSO the type to run tattle if they see someone without a mask in a store or see a small restaurant with one table too many occupied so they can get the offender in trouble and maybe fined or cause them to have to deal with drawn out court proceedings that also cost them $$ (if they leave their precious homes that is) I wonder how much longer they will keep screaming “WE ARE IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC!!!” I have heard a couple of mine say when asked when they think all of this insanity should end “It ends when people stop getting SICK, when people stop Dying!” I say “So basically never then right because people are always going to get sick and some will die of various things” that usually short circuits them a little and they don’t want to talk about it anymore.

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  3. Went to the Dr today. He said LOOK at the numbers, IF you’ve been around 10 people in Illinois, you’ve been around “covid people” .. Went to shop at a 100 year old business while there (out of town, as I DON’T SHOP LOCAL for the most part) and the sign on the door said “Face masks encouraged”.
    Since I’m on a pink Floyd kick, I’d say that JAMESMADISONSGHOST ought to throw on MONEY off the Dark Side album, while munching that lobster.
    As for OD’ing in B/N, well it was either that or getting the suspension on the car fixed again.
    HAPPY two teams I don’t care about weekend. Pass the chips and beer!

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  4. And that’s just the most obvious metric. Increased deaths from reduced access to healthcare. Increased deaths from lack of human interaction. Increased domestic abuse. Increased substance abuse that will show up as car accidents and the like, or lead to premature deaths later. Lots of ‘little things’ that do add up.
    But most politicians either don’t care about ‘the little people’ who are hardest hit by the lockdowns and restrictions, or are too self-centered to consider the possible negative impacts of their actions.
    If you think our elected officials should care about Total impacts and deaths, not just the kudos and other benefits they get from fighting the virus, you should vote accordingly on April 6th, and in later elections as well.

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    1. Please allow me to make a small but important correction to your very accurate statement. Saying that politicians “don’t care” or are “too self centered” is true — those are both textbook traits of sociopaths. Let’s take it one step further, given all the evidence, and state quite plainly that most politicians inflicted this damage intentionally, by coordinated plan, to destroy middle class & small business owners and also, yes, murder people. Enriching themselves along the way — a perk of being a co-conspirator, but more important giving them a seat at the “new great reset” technocracy table. 1% wealthy, 99% poor slaves. But that 99% needs to be whittled down to a manageable number. Exterminated. If you think I’m spouting a “conspiracy theory,” well, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. But not very long.

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      1. JamesMadison
        If you knew you could outright lie, cheat, steal, slander and destroy anyone you wanted to without being denounced, arrested or convicted of any crime; that you would actually be applauded – would you?
        Thus we have the democrat politician and president being given immunity to all crimes and ill behavior by their media. They have given in to the temptation to be immoral.

        As Thomas Jefferson said – “We have given you a Republic (a government of law) if you can keep it.” It requires virtue to keep it. Democrats reject virtue. Democrats reject a government of law. Our nation is in danger.

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