Ward 3: Want represented by a socialist? If no, keep reading.

By: Diane Benjamin

Ward 3 did have 3 candidates, but one has dropped out.

The two candidates left in the race are:  Sheila Montney and Willie Holton Halbert who is running as a team with the other socialists. If you want to dial 911 and not get an answer because the police got defunded, here is who to vote for:

If you would rather vote for sanity and put an end to Carrillo/Crabill nonsense welcoming illegals while doing ZERO for the citizens of Bloomington, Ward 3 needs to elect Sheila Montey.

Sheila issued this press release:

Sheila Montney Announces Campaign for Bloomington City Council Ward 3

Sheila Montney, long term resident of Bloomington’s east side, has announced her campaign for Bloomington City Council Ward 3. Sheila is currently an executive with State Farm and is a member of the City of Bloomington’s Planning Commission.  

Sheila’s priorities include improving infrastructure; lowering taxes by running city services more efficiently; focusing on sustainable economic policies and creating a climate for local businesses to thrive. Sheila looks forward to putting her 35 years of private sector experience to work for the people of Bloomington, enabling a local culture that makes people proud to live here. “Our small businesses need support now more than ever. Keeping businesses we already have is foundational to our recovery.”

“My vision is to build on Bloomington’s strengths — safe, family-friendly, well-educated community with a diverse economy — and provide a compelling value proposition to attract future businesses and residents,” Montney said. “But our city is not immune from the economic pressure from the pandemic. My educational and professional credentials qualify me to take on this position of service to the community, providing critical business, financial, and leadership skills for Bloomington’s future.”

Sheila believes the city has an obligation to provide quality city services and to do so in a cost-effective way. “Public safety and adequate infrastructure are fundamentals.” Sheila is a thought leader and frequent speaker in the field of continuous improvement in both the private and public sectors. “Making services easier, better, faster, and cheaper are not conflicting objectives.”

Sheila has a Master’s Degree in Government from Harvard University, and is a member of the Executive Advisory Board of the Shingo Institute. The Shingo Institute is a global not for profit whose mission is to enable organizational and operational excellence in order to achieve sustainable world-class results. She has been involved in serving communities and the public in a variety of ways over the years. 

“Bloomington’s Ward 3 has been my home for 20 years. My husband and I raised our son here and Bloomington truly lives up to its reputation as a great place to raise a family,” Montney said. “But in these unprecedented times, Bloomington needs leadership with experience solving complex problems with a focus on unity and common goals. That is why I’m running for office. Local government is accountable to its constituents. I am fully committed to doing the best I can to deliver results for the residents of Ward 3 and community as a whole.”

For more information on Sheila Montney’s campaign, visit https://montneyforbloomington.com or on Facebook at “Montney For Bloomington”.


Committee to Elect Sheila Montney

[email protected]

(309) 825-3957

Fun fact: Sheila was mentioned in a story on my site back in November of 2019. She spoke at Public Comment, but I have no idea what she said because the audio of the Live Stream wasn’t working. The minutes don’t reflect what she said and the audio was never fixed. A WJBC reporter followed her out so it must have been good. https://blnnews.com/2019/11/26/bloomington-is-department-fails/

By design many of the citizens of Bloomington-Normal don’t know there is an election and fully committed socialists are running. If you want Bloomington spared from demise – it’s your job to tell your friends and neighbors about the dangers of not voting! Put a sign in your yard for Sheila if you live in Ward 3! Volunteer to help her campaign too.

9 thoughts on “Ward 3: Want represented by a socialist? If no, keep reading.

  1. A government masters graduate from Harvard that works at SF appointed (most likely by Renner) to the planning commission or a socialist? If she does what she purports to believe in then good. Otherwise,,, to be continued.

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    1. Agree with you. Trust but verify. I got great news yesterday. I will be removing myself along with my wife from the latrine known as BN and Illinois within 365 days or sooner. Moving to a red state where freedom still exists. My thoughts and prayers will be with everyone that still has no choice to put up living in this sinking ship of a community and state with no future or salvation. I hope someday many of you can join me putting this craphole in your rearview mirrors. Sadly, nothing changes here because Springfield and Chicago will never allow it. Love all the like-minded and common sense thinking people here. Thanks to Diane for telling like it is. We have had a few disagreements but she is a saint for being the one lone person to seek out the truth in this area. For all the rest of the phonies and liars in this town that tried to ruin my life on numerous occasions a pox on you and your families. Explain it all to God when you die. May this place burn down with you all in it.


    2. Well, Straza was appointed by Renner to the Zoning Board of Appeals just a few months prior to his announcement to run for office. Straza was part of Koos’ previous campaign and treasurer of the “Responsible Cities” PAC. Straza was involved in the development of Normal’s “Comprehensive Plan.” So, there’s that. Yes, verify!!!

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  2. Hello readers, I am writing to clarify comments above. I did not enter the race because of my opponent. She had not yet entered the race when I decided to run. I am running because I believe I can provide strong business and financial leadership needed for Bloomington’s future. I can be reached at [email protected] or website montneyforbloomington.com should anyone like to learn more. Thanks.

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    1. I would be interested in hearing “your solutions” for the community and how you propose to have them all implemented and prioritized on this thread and not on your Facebook or campaign page. Although my time in this town is still short (thank God) I am still curious what you as a member of the cpuncil will bring to the table. Even though I am a short-term resident of your ward, I still plan to vote. Also would like your thoughts as an SF employee how its reorganization has adversely affected the lives of many long-term residents of this community. Thank you.


  3. For those who do not believe the City is moving in the right direction, Sheila’s candidacy provides a rare opportunity to do something about it. She has the proven work record (do a google search and check out her accomplishments), the education, and the desire to right the course Bloomington is currently on. The distinction between Sheila and Willie could not be more evident. If you want someone who will side with Crabill and Carillo, then Halbert will be your choice. I, for one, will be knocking on doors this spring to spread the good news regarding Sheila Montney!

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