Some local stats you need to see

By: Diane Benjamin

All of the data below can be viewed on the McLean County Justice Committee reports from this page:

Find the reports by Kathy Yoder. Data after June 2023 won’t be available until the September meeting.

Compare these to the same time period last year:

Details of suicides aren’t available. I’ve asked Kathy Yoder before, she won’t release much to protect the survivors privacy. See the last link below.

Falls and Fractures continue to show the highest rate of accidental death.

The only year-to-date stats listed are below. That is why I created these two charts.

I’ve done some recaps before. 2020 had 27 suicides and 20 drug deaths.

Through June of 2021 there were 7 suicides and 10 drug deaths.

This story has some additional information from 2015-2020 as provided by Kathy:

Comprehensive data is mandatory to see trends. That data isn’t available.

One thought on “Some local stats you need to see

  1. I also heard nationally suicides are at an all time high. This is at least in part due to the leftist agenda. Destroying social networks using the virus as an excuse. Destroy social interaction and mental health by pushing racial hate and sexual dysphoria. Destroy hope and self-worth by ramping up inflation and telling the people that everything they do, even just breathing, is destroying the planet. Drumbeat men that they are at best not needed, and usually ‘toxic’, all while telling women to be more like those same men.
    Liberals actually do serve a purpose in society – they find legitimate problems and push for improvement. The problem is too often they fixate on being ‘agents for change’ without regard to the difference between ‘change’ and ‘improvement’ and we get ‘solutions’ that are worse than the original problems. And this is the result.

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