Bloomington’s new Echo Chamber

By: Diane Benjamin

The City managed to Live Stream last night’s meeting. How are shows produced in the auditorium of the BCPA without echos? The video is difficult to listen to, some speakers are worse than others.

John Danenberger was AWOL.

2 people spoke at Public Comment. Former Alderman Dee Urban voiced her support for the Bearcat purchase at 2:50 – for the safety of citizens. Carl (I couldn’t understand the last name) spoke on 2 topics at 7:30. He asked if the restaurants were paying the City for use of sidewalks and streets where they have outdoor dining set up. Of course he didn’t get an answer. He then asked how long W Washington is going to be closed. He mentioned an EPA cleanup was the reason for the closure but there is nothing listed on either the EPA or IEPA sites pertaining to a cleanup in Bloomington. He didn’t get an answer that question either.

There is one listed at East Bay Camp:|State|IL|||true|true|true|true|true|true||-1|sites|N|basic

Buying the Bearcat was pulled from the Consent Agenda. The discussion starts at 11:00. The police chief conveyed his thoughts on the purchase. It will be used by the McLean County, Normal, and ISU Police if necessary. He stated it will only be used if a suspect is armed or when severe weather issues require rescues.

Jenna Kearns and Tom Crumpler voted against the purchase. Since Danenberger was absent the final vote was 6-2.

The video is longer than the 38 minute meeting, the Council held an Executive Session to discuss a claims settlement for the balance of the time.

Have fun with the echo:

3 thoughts on “Bloomington’s new Echo Chamber

  1. Don’t expect more from Danenberger. He got elected; that is what seems to matter to him. Considering what he supports and stands for plus his various ethical issues, is it such a bad thing for city-wide residents that he doesn’t show?

  2. The echo is not coming from the location it’s all the empty space in the council’s heads that’s causing it. The council needs to stop and ask why does BLONO need a military assault vehicle.could it because of the bad mistakes made by THEM?

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