Another Flock Group payment

By: Diane Benjamin

I have to admit – I’m a huge fan of crime shows. My latest semi-obsession is a show called See No Evil. Every crime, mostly murders, are found by using security video. All of the footage is from private sources, if you are going to have security cameras please make sure they are high quality! Frequently the police are reviewing hours of video, find their suspect, and then can’t identify the person because of poor quality. Some of the shows literally track suspects from camera to camera over many miles. All of these cases get solved with credit given to the videos.

There is a huge difference between the police accessing cameras from a local business or residences and having their own cameras. Both cities now have license plate readers they claim have helped solve a variety of crimes and missing persons. We are forced to trust they aren’t being misused.

Bloomington approved a two year agreement with Flock Group in February of 2022:

The cost for the first year $31,500, it went down the second year to $27,500.

Neither explains this bill being paid Monday:

See this story, Bloomington had been paying quarterly:

February isn’t close, so why does it appear the police are paying a higher fee and paying for a whole year? Maybe Jack McQueen can respond again as he did in that link. If the new yearly fee is now $35,450 that means inflation is 22.4%.

Payroll now shows 1113 employees. The 7/24/23 payroll showed 1095.

I don’t know how many are seasonal. Gleason wants to go back to previous staffing levels which means pension expenses are immaterial. The easiest way to rein in out-of-control failing pensions is to quit hiring people. OUTSOURCE!

It looks like government always knows where to get more money, therefore they don’t really care that government employees have far better benefits than the private sector. (at your expense)

One more thing – start reading on PDF page 169

Many people don’t understand that every time they use a “card” for purchases the merchants have to pay a fee to actually get the money. The amount varies by what type of card is used. It is usually 1-3%.

The City of Bloomington shows Credit Card fees of $43,246 for one month. Imagine how much more expensive items are at let’s say Walmart to cover their card fees!

Next imagine what fees will be connected to digital currency when the dollar is extinguished. Processes will get rich while you pay the bill.

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  1. And then if there is no cash, don’t be surprised if the perks are discontinued and the fees to go up.

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