Remember when Bloomington bought License Plate Readers?

By: Diane Benjamin

February 28, 2022:

The actual name of the company is Flock Group Inc.

The listed CEO, Garrett Langley, is the same guy who runs Flock Safety

The “fixed cost” isn’t so fixed:

The cameras haven’t even been installed a year yet and repairs aren’t covered? The fixed annual cost wasn’t really fixed? Are the readers placed where they can be damaged?

Since nobody on the Council questions bills, don’t expect and answer without a FOIA.

PDF page 35:

The same applies to this one: PDF page 47. Additional? 😲

Look who got paid to speak at MLK Day lunch: PDF page 51

Diversity Equity and Inclusion requires dividing people by color, gender, etc. MLK would be appalled of what his holiday has turned into.

Do you want a DEI hire flying your plane or the top pilot in the country? A top surgeon operating on you or a DEI placeholder?

Meritocracy is now immaterial.

Information Technology Repairs?

This is a huge total: PDF pages 100-101

See the P-Card spending starting on PDF page 164.

Bloomington has over 830 employees, HR is looking hard for more. Don’t miss Admin spending either.



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