Woke ISU in National News



I’m embarrassed to be an ISU graduate. They aren’t preparing to students to function in the real world. What a waste of tax dollars.



11 thoughts on “Woke ISU in National News

  1. My son sat in on a friends Sociology class last week at ISU, to see for himself what his friend had been telling him. It was true, the professor is preaching communism to his class on a daily basis and even claims since the beginning of time man has been engaging in communism and that it’s good. He purposely tries not to call on those who disagree with him and if he does he ridicules them to shut them up.

    What is the ISU administration and alum like? My teens went to Cornerstone Christian and know there are only 2 sexes and the evil of communism and socialism. They actually know true history. They see the greatness of our founding and Gods hand on this beautiful world.

    Many students have complained that in the political science department you must write papers with certain professors adopted ideology as many professors won’t allow you to think (out loud) otherwise..

    “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. It’s inherent virtue is the Equal sharing of Misery”
    —Winston Churchill

    Communism is no better and enslaves the people.

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  2. A couple of years ago, I went with my child for an orientation tour of ISU. My child wasn’t serious about going to school there, but since it’s local why not check it out. I was appalled by what we saw that day. Things started out in the Bone Student Center with student tour guides introducing themselves by telling us their preferred pronouns. After that we had a financial aide presentation on how to finance an ISU education, or in my opinion run up a huge student loan debt. We then had a tour of the campus. First stop, the library where we were introduced to the therapy dogs. We then went to Manchester hall to see a dorm room where nonbinary housing options were discussed. Another parent commented to me that it was an eyeopening experience. To say the least! It was clear to me that ISU is catering to a very specific student, the LBGTQ crowd. They want to be Woke University. Sad thing is, things are just as blatant at the U of I. While last I checked you can’t get a personal tour at the U of I, just a self guided tour like I had with my child, shows that it’s just as in your face there as it is at ISU. Both are an embarrassment.

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  3. The American education system was stolen decades ago by the 60’s era Marxist radicals. Conservatives let them have it.

    In the 70’s Paulo Freire used Marxist ideology (a man based religion) to develop his educational philosophy. The Marxist radicals loved it, moved it into the education system and now almost all American university and K-12 students now go to Freire based schools.

    So while its illegal for public schools to teachfor example, that “our identity is made in the image of God and we are equal in His sight”; they are able to teach that our identity is fluid, a man-made social construct, and based on a power dynamics with some being oppressed and others oppressors. This is a government endorsed religion.

    See the book – The Marxification of Education – Paulo Freire’s Critical Marxism and the Theft of Education by James Lindsay.

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    1. @bnindy
      What’s next?
      First an education system that’s not about teaching scholastic achievement but teaching social activism and revolution. Already accomplished.
      Next, those radical social activist, revolutionaries students running our government and businesses.
      Finally, A Neo-Marxist Social Revolution in America. A complete tear down of all institutions and a “Godless man based paradise on earth”. The original Marxist dream.
      We had better wake up.

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  4. If ISU had any alumni with any pull this wouldn’t be a thing. For the last 6+ years ISU has literally devolved into a community college tier paper mill on par with Phoenix or Trump U.

    A 92% acceptance rate ! The utter state of 4th tier post secondary ed ! LOL

    Could only imagine the debt horror of actually borrowing money to attend.

    If one was on a complete full ride and couldn’t go anywhere else I could see it, maybe.

    ISU has some fine programs. It’s a shame they did not maintain focus on those and let the newer programs and lower standards cheapen the value of the degree.


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