Koos is upset trains are blocking his crossings

By: Diane Benjamin


Some stories write themselves!

Chris Koos is upset about freight trains blocking crossings in Normal. Fort Jesse, College, and Linden are frequently blocked. Koss thinks he can demand shorter freight trains. He is of course oblivious to business practices that make transportation cheaper with volume. (How does he stay in business?)

Proving complete hypocrisy, construction should be starting any day now on an underpass for people and bikers just feet from where vehicles will continue to be stuck behind trains.

I predicts that useless underpass will end up costing $30 million.

Meanwhile, Springfield built a 4 lane underpass complete with foot traffic accessibility in response to the push for high speed rail. https://blnnews.com/2019/11/21/normal-outrageous-price/

Koos choose to torture drivers sitting for trains instead of building an equitable underpass.

Celebrate Mayor Koos being irritated. He irritates a lot of people daily. Koos had always promoted HIS vision for Normal instead of listening to citizens.

You can change that by voting his bobbleheads off the Council April 4th. Chris Koos is personally responsible for you being late for work sitting behind a freight trains.

Of course WGLT missed the real story.




10 thoughts on “Koos is upset trains are blocking his crossings

  1. It is sad that Normal is operated as a monarchy, and the mayor elected with union money seems to rule. Hopefully the voters will change that in the next election.

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  2. You missed it. This has been his plan all along. Now there will be a need for an overpass or underpass on Linden. It will be worded as safety issue for emergency vehicles. Watch and see

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  3. I think he knows his underpass for his bike and running customers is backfiring on him. Now he is posturing to make it look like it was his idea to move the underpass to Linden so vehicles can be included. If only he would have listened to the public YEARS ago then HE would not have wasted so much of our money on his bike trail underpass plans.

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  4. With an “underpass” at either the station, Linden or BOTH(yes both is what the really want), how long will the tracks need to be out of service? How much in lost revenue for the rail company, shipment delays, etc. Will the Town of Normal(taxpayers) be responsible? I bet Linden will be an overpass, with a pedestrian trail included(read bike trail). Thats ok its only money. If only Bloomington would be like Normal. Spend, Spend, Spend.

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  5. Underpass at Linden would not work without purchasing the buildings close to that crossing and tearing them down. There is an over pass at shelboune and several underpasses to the west just a few blocks away. Not sure what the fuss is about. If you want to miss the train take an another route.

    Yes of course 30 million for a bike underpass is ridiculous. I don’t see how either is needed.


    1. Taking another route is not that easy. The scenario described here is one in which Linden, College and Fort Jesse are all blocked shutting off traffic in all directions in Normal. When this happens (and it happens often) the only options are to catch an overpass on Towanda or to use an underpass on Main Street. You would think that someone wanting to be on the Amtrak board would understand the dangers this presents and delayed response from our first responders. This is poor city planning that has created a moral hazard for the town of Normal with regard to public safety. Koos and company have other priorities.

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      1. It actually is that easy. As a former Uber driver I diverted many times to the underpass two blocks to the west of Linden. Navigation apps will show the route. Pretty sure first responders know of this underpass. Also if going to Bromenn Main Street is a pretty direct route and has an underpass as well.


        1. Except that it’s five blocks, not two, so 10 blocks is the Smallest detour out of the Linden / College / FortJesse blockages and the others are at least twice that.
          Reminds me of talking with town manager Mark Peterson back in the 00s – they were complaints of the need for a new fire station to cover growth near Normal East HS. I recommended creating an under/overpass to make Raab a through street. “That’ll never happen – that would cost 30 million dollars!.” So 30M to enhance public safety, promote expansion, and make life easier for residents is/was out of the question, but 30M is no big deal if it enhances our bike path network?
          ( Facts matter, even those we don’t like – That ignores time/inflation – I expect it’s more like a 2:1 ratio than true 1:1 .)

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