A Democrat is keeping Koos off Amtrak Board

https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2023/04/25/montana-senator-joe-biden-amtrak-board-nominees/9221682460906/ Evidently each of Biden’s nominees can’t be voted on separately. Montana Senator Jon Tester claims 5 of the 6 nominees represent the northeast corridor which leaves the rest of the country without adequate representation. He is therefore going to block all of the nominees. Koos was nominated for the 3rd time in January. This […]

Normal: Koos Kingdom Continues Tonight

By: Diane Benjamin More proof Koosville is not government for the citizens. Normal is whatever Koos wills – kneel now serfs! https://www.normalil.gov/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/4604 The people who serve on Normal’s Boards and Commission don’t work for the citizens – they work for Koos. Citizens aren’t allowed to know who is being appointed until after the Council approves […]

Koos is upset trains are blocking his crossings

By: Diane Benjamin https://www.wglt.org/local-news/2023-02-09/railroad-caused-traffic-jam-irritates-mayor-of-normal Some stories write themselves! Chris Koos is upset about freight trains blocking crossings in Normal. Fort Jesse, College, and Linden are frequently blocked. Koss thinks he can demand shorter freight trains. He is of course oblivious to business practices that make transportation cheaper with volume. (How does he stay in business?) […]

Hearing today! 9:30

By: Diane Benjamin Citizens of Normal should find out today if the Town of Normal is required to elect offices stated in the law for Incorporated Towns or if they get a pass. 3 people filed petitions for the offices of Supervisor, Clerk, and Collector. All three are listed as SHALL be elected in Illinois […]

Follow-up to THREE stories

By: Diane Benjamin 1) Follow-up to Chris Koos’ nomination to the Amtrak Board: https://blnnews.com/2022/09/08/koos-finally-got-a-hearing-in-the-senate/ The Senate will run out of time to get Koos on the Amtrak Board. See this story: https://www.railpassengers.org/happening-now/news/blog/amtrak-board-nominees-left-in-limbo/ Excerpt, this happened 12/7/2022: Dickie Durbin has nominated Koos twice and failed both times to put him on the Amtrak Board. I’d either […]