Koos’ 3rd chance coming June 21st

By: Diane Benjamin

Another hearing is scheduled in the Senate for Amtrak Directors. Maybe Biden finally picked candidates that represent the whole country, the last list failed to move forward because everyone but Koos was from the East Coast. https://blnnews.com/2023/04/26/a-democrat-is-keeping-koos-off-amtrak-board/

The hearing can be watched live – June 21st at 10:00. https://www.commerce.senate.gov/2023/6/nominations-hearing-amtrak-and-ntsb

Chris Koos is perfect for this Board because they have close to zero transparency. See this link: https://trainsinthevalley.org/amtrak-board-of-directors-transparency/

The site is undated but paging down there are references to June 2023 – like requesting information by FOIA from last September for the 3rd time.

For some reason Amtrak is exempt from the Open Meetings Act so meetings aren’t open to the public. The agendas and minutes aren’t posted, but both can be FOIA’d. Amtrak is VERY slow to comply however.

Biden’s last list of nominees had 6 names, this list only has 3, two were on the previous list. (Koos and Coscia)

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