Madigan’s Lawyer must be running Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Michael Kasper denied the Due Process Rights of the 3 people who filed petitions to run for office (that State law requires Incorporated Towns to Elect) when he sent them letters denying ballot access.

Kasper also violated the Due Process Rights of the 2 objectors who filed against them (Dullard and Fritzen) by denying their rights to be heard before the Electoral Board.

Evidently Kasper thinks he has full control over how Normal complies with law, see this email included in what Tom Devore filed yesterday with the Circuit Court:


Note the call took place on December 27th. Tom Devore sent this email to Kasper on January 4th. Kasper played the game many officials do: Don’t put anything in writing:

No members of the Normal Electoral Board were included in this email chain. The Normal Electoral Board did not meet and agree in public to end the proceedings.

The public’s rights to Due Process was infringed when Michael Kasper arbitrarily deciding cancel any further proceedings. Taxpayers had the right to hear how Koos, McCarthy and Preston would have ruled.

Kasper is a tainted attorney since he decided to cancel Due Process by sending letters to the 3 candidates without a hearing. He should not have been counsel for the Electoral Board. Brian Day got the Town in this mess by advising the Electoral Board to deny the referendum to elect Trustees by District. His actions led to the declaration of an Incorporated Town. Notice he isn’t participating? At the next meeting some citizen should ask why, they won’t get an answer.

Understand why Koos and company were apoplectic over the email Stan Nord sent to the Town Clerk that simply stated the law? Koos and company had planned on ignoring the petitions by having Kasper send each a letter.

Koos didn’t expect to be challenged by mere mortals in Normal or Tom Devore. A FOIA request has been filed for other communication. If Kasper acted on his own it makes Koos and company look feckless, if Koos’ clan was involved in the decision it proves he a tyrant who doesn’t believe in laws. Koos is now using your tax dollars to keep from complying with the law.

Stay Tuned. Tom Devore will be on Cities 92.9 at 8:30. If you missed it catch the podcast.

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One thought on “Madigan’s Lawyer must be running Normal

  1. Illinois enjoys power but relishes removing rights from us plebes twice as much. Taking away due process is like waking up with no car in your driveway, finding a letter that the city towed it from your garage because the Mayor doesn’t like the color. But, when you call the city offices they tell you to call the tow company, the tow company says to call the city, you call the police, they say it’s a civil matter, you sue the city, the judge says you have to paint your car per Koos dictatorship mandates or pay a daily fine, you go to city council meeting, don’t get to speak (it’s not on the agenda), fines mount up (plus fees/interest), added to your property tax bill, lien on your house, garnish your salary, take your tax return, Still no car!!!!

    Bureaucracy combined with taking away Due process is a lethal combination add a dab or ignorance or ignorant maybe purposefully ignoring our rights, boom. Explosive.

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