Apply NOW to vote by mail

By: Diane Benjamin

I despise Vote By Mail because it leads to fraud. It has been used locally to get out the vote from the uniformed. The evidence lies in people who NEVER vote in local elections suddenly voted by mail. Those ballots put certain people back in office that would have lost without those votes.

Local elections have notoriously low turnout. Bloomington only has two contested ward races. Other races, like school boards are still on the ballet. Not voting is NOT an option.

More voters need to participate in Local elections because all politics is local. These are the people who will tax you out of your home. Schools need to answer to parents and taxpayers, elect better representatives to School Boards.

Many likely won’t vote in April, don’t be one of them!

Sign up now to VOTE BY MAIL in Bloomington:

The rest of the County signs up here:

Voting by mail will give you more time to review the ballot. Not voting isn’t an option anymore.



4 thoughts on “Apply NOW to vote by mail

  1. In politics, it only matters who wins. Canidates may have a terrible voting record, because instead of voting to reduce spending, they vote for the wishes of their campaign donors. In Normal the unions paid large to elect our Mayor, he reciprocates by promoting large spending projects. I raise my voice, because my grandchildren will be tax slaves due to this reckless spending. The underpass if ever built will become a huge burden for citizens of Normal in the future. Wake up America, we are loosing our freedoms by spending recklessly. Voting and tracking our representatives is the best cure.

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    1. Laborers Local 362 has always been a left- leaning political front. If you are a laborer in McLean County and refuse to join, you don’t work. If you join, you get to work sporadically but in return, the Penn Family Mafia steals a percentage of your paycheck to put in their pocket and the pockets of their political friends who make life comfortable for those that run.the union Ponzi scheme. All these people are without ethics including Johnny and his thugs.


  2. Such a conundrum. The people who do make it a point to be informed and go out to vote cannot effect change. The notion that mail-in voters protect the incumbents may be true, but the data seems to show that they’re protected anyway. I would have thought that any reasonable person would demand accountability for money collected and money spent. But apparently accountability is not a concern, and paying more taxes every year must be desirable. Those two items seem to be the only things that incumbents and voter “agree” upon.


  3. Vote by Mail is really a predecessor to digital and o line voting. A sick concept and even more data exploit and systematic fraud and manipulation and tracking. The whole risk management and security fraud industry is a sham and lie. Be discerning folks. Don’t believe all the safety and security hype from the county or state or federal levels. Optics are everything. Your rights have been taken and our actual votes don’t matter. Despite the propaganda and so called leaders and election boards proclaim.


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