WGLT does political comedy again!

By: Diane Benjamin


Let’s start with the stock photo WGLT used of Stan Nord in the article. It isn’t a picture of Nord serving as an elected Trustee on the Council, it might have been taken at the Citizen Summit the Town of Normal didn’t want to hold because they don’t care what you think. Notice another one has NEVER been held? Notice the facilitator of that event doesn’t advise the Town anymore?

The WGLT article pertains to the email Nord sent to the Town Clerk that led to an Academy Award worthy crying clerk public comment. That happened a month ago, why is WGLT doing a story now?

If you need to review that email, see it in this story: https://blnnews.com/2022/12/06/normal-really-doesnt-want-citizens-interfering-in-their-playground/

Quote from the WGLT story:

“If Nord disagrees with legal experts about the status of the law, he is entitled to his legal opinion. There are avenues for resolving that disagreement. Haranguing town staff is not one of them,” said the memo.

Sending an email that simply states the law is “haranguing”? Funny that after the Nord email the Clerk did post the petitions on the Town website. I’d say that is admission of guilt!

Another quote:

The tart memo followed a threatening email Nord sent to staff in the city clerk’s office over election nominating petitions for several offices that are not elected in the town.

WGLT didn’t include that “tart memo” in the story! What did it say Charlie? Is it good journalism to write a story about a memo and not include it in the story? Where in Nord’s email is there a threat? Complying with the law is a threat?

Another quote:

Nobody has advised any staff to behave illegally or unethically, states the memo.

Why were the petitions posted to the website AFTER Nord’s email if the Clerk had legally not posted them?

Another quote about the “tart memo” Charlie didn’t include:

The document said Nord is wrong about the section of election law that applies to the town, wrong about criminal sanctions, and wrong about his claim that all questions about elector petition questions must be resolved by the electoral board.

Charlie? Charlie? Where is the story about Tom Devore’s lawsuit? Writing a hit piece at the request of the Town is journalism? Failure to report what the Town doesn’t want made public is journalism?

Hilarious Quote:

The opinion said the town wouldn’t defend Nord in any defamation lawsuit against him.

Who was “defamed” in the email? Certainly no one from the Clerk’s office since the petitions were posted after the email was sent!

More hilarity:

“Nord is on notice that the town has been advised it is in compliance with the law. Allegations to the contrary may rise to the level of actual malice,” according to the memo.

Was that Madigan’s attorney who advised the Town? Brian Day? “May rise to the level of actual malice”? I’ll help: It “may not” either since the email didn’t contain any malice.

One more:

It said Nord may have broken the law by using his trustee’s title and email address to send the email that makes empty threats.

“Empty threats”? Aren’t “empty threats” no threat? Yet Charlie Schlinker wrote this in the story? Really Charlie?

This is the Town of Normal waiting until after last Tuesday’s meeting to slip a memo to their favorite media. They didn’t want to risk you peasants showing up Tuesday night and laughing at them. They deserve it, commence laughing as you read the story.

The memo Charlie didn’t bother posting should have said “may” of “may not” have broken the law. The Town of Normal is under investigation for at least 2 Open Meeting Act violations – one is very serious. Laws are immaterial to Koos and crew. Legal for Normal is whatever they can get away with.

Final quote:

“Nor would the town likely defend Nord if any action is brought based on his use of town resources to interfere with the electoral process. Again, any interference is outside the ambit of his authority,” said the memo.

If there is any election interference it is by WGLT and the Town of Normal. They REALLY want Stan Nord defeated in April. Reading this story proves Stan Nord was right not to respond. Truth is immaterial. Normal doesn’t want Trustees who representing voters and taxpayers. They want bubbleheads:

13 thoughts on “WGLT does political comedy again!

  1. WGLT could hire some of the twitter staff that was censoring news that the Biden team did not want reported. They could ask the FBI to fund their extra cost. There may be an out of work FBI agent they could hire!

  2. Charlie is the poster child for why NPR should be abolished. Journalism?? Who, what, why, and where are absent. Especially WHAT.

    1. Who, what, when, where, and WHY. Why? Stan sent the email because the clerk failed to process the petitions.

  3. I would like to be a “fly on the wall” when Charlie is in the company of the local progressive big shots. I imagine they have a grand time yucking it up.
    It’s not supposed to be that way.

    1. I doubt he ” yuks it up ” with anyone. The dude is devoid of any personality and is as bland as dry oatmeal. However, he does get off on creating controversy or trying to.put words in your mouth when interviewing anyone.

  4. A Culture change is due at WGLT. Garbage like the Wglt article referenced above starts with the culture at the very top of organization and spreads through the station like crap runs through a goose.
    The other reporters and staff cannot feel good about the lack of journalistic ethics.

  5. Stan is the only representative that lives by the oath all take after being elected. The Brunson case before SCOTA illustrates this very issue. Stan is correct!

  6. This proves that the Koos crew will pounce on anything to try to “get” Stan. Even going so far as fabricating moral outrage from an email he sent to the clerks office asking them to do their lawful (nonpartisan) duty. Then bringing out the feelings Police full force and accusing Stan of feelings violations.

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