Normal REALLY doesn’t want citizens interfering in their playground

By: Diane Benjamin

Everything happening in the Town of Normal right now was self-inflicted. Chris Koos’ buddy Patrick Dullard argued that Normal was an Incorporated Town and therefore citizens didn’t have the right to put a referendum on the ballot to elect Trustees by district. Judge Kording reluctantly agreed with him:

That “parade of horribles” starts with forcing Normal to elect positions required by the Municipal Code.

The employee of the Clerk’s Department who spoke last night deserves an Academy Award (stole that from a Facebook commenter). Either she deserves an award or she is a snowflake. The problem stemmed from the Clerk’s office posting all petitions filed for Trustee but not the three filed for Supervisor, Clerk, and Collector.

The Town was initially attempting to ignore those petitions hoping the 3 who filed would disappear. By not posting them objectors could not review them and file objections the Normal Electoral Board would be forced to hear. Normal doesn’t want to hear objections because they would have to explain how not following the Municipal Code is legal.

See the email that made her cry Stan Nord sent to multiple people here:


Read the entire email, it contains lots of information Normal doesn’t want citizens who don’t get news need to know. The only way to resolve the issues Normal brought upon themselves is in court. By not posting the petitions filed Normal was attempting to keep the issue out of court.

Normal could have allowed the referendum and explained why citizens should have voted NO. Since they had no good arguments they went the more difficult route and now have to face the consequences.

Most of the Council thinks the issue is political, that’s laughable. If following the law is political it’s obvious the Town doesn’t.

Kathleen Lorenz summed it up even though she was referring to Stan Nord, not what Normal caused:

Just hit Play to hear the clerk tearfully accuse Stan Nord of intimidation. Bedlam breaks out following her comments as everyone present virtue signals about the email while ignoring the REAL issue. This is MUST WATCH theater!

20 thoughts on “Normal REALLY doesn’t want citizens interfering in their playground

  1. Logic 1o1. If you are an apple you are not an orange. If you are an orange, you are not a banana. Normal has to be either a village, an incorporated town or a city. They must follow the rules for one form. Feelings don’t come into the equation.

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    1. Logic is amazing. But feelings rule the world currently and as said by Kevin Costner in Yellowstone recently, “Cowards rule the world these days, coward rules and coward customs. To succeed all you gotta know is how to blame others for your failures.”

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  2. The Chicago Tribune doesn’t care. The main stream media doesn’t care. As a matter of FACT they ignore reality on purpose so the sheep will figure that it’s not important if they don’t cover it. I’ve been watching this happen for at least 20 years when I finally wised up. The playbook stems from the Nazi minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels that stated, “If you tell a lie enough, it will become truth.” Conversely if you ignore reality, it disappears.

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  3. Stan’s claim of not trying to intimidate the clerk’s office is BS if he did not cc the mayor, city manager, asst. city manager, corporation counsel, or other council members with his musings? Why would one even acknowledge petitions for offices that don’t currently exist?


    1. It’s stunning to me, When a statement clearly shows that you didn’t Read the Judges ruling. But a person continues to type or speak as if full of vast amounts of facts.

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  4. Kathleen’s little blanket statement, “This is really bad, really really bad!!!” It’s difficult to take people serious when they refer to an innocuous email that has literally nothing directly or indirectly threatening or intimidating in it, and describe it with such narrow intent and the intense use of profound, engaging and eloquent adjectives.

    I wonder what Koos has on all these council people, for them to be such disciples and adherent to his will.

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  5. I totally support Stan Nord. I have past history working with this group as a property manager here in Normal. Being told I had no right to speak out of turn told they control the police and when they would remove or arrest people off of my property. Would not protect my residence from thugs drug dealers Etc I’m not afraid to speak out it’s time for things to change in this town. They have spent our money to point of being in debt and millions of dollars. When I moved to normal the town owed no one anything financially. And look at it now. Underpass at the railroad is ridiculous what are you going to do when it floods and people end up drowning in there normal accumulates water during heavy rains like there’s no tomorrow. Yes I’m a country girl I don’t care I’m tired I’m fed up I pay over $200 a month for the right to live in my house in Taxes and I get $1,800 a month and Social Security. And I use absolutely none of the benefits of Uptown Normal. It was strictly created for the students and their parents when they come to town.

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    1. Uptown is not strictly an amenity for students and their families – it’s also a nice subsidized perk for the most-live-outside-of-Normal town employees.

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      1. Plush gold encrusted benefits and “lavishness”, small town fish that are envious of the big city sharks. Versus rural modesty and economic prosperity.

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