Media fail: the email is immaterial to the facts

By: Diane Benjamin

Did anyone notice the subject line in Stan Nord’s email?

Due Process

The three people who filed petitions with around 600 signatures each have a right to their day in court. The Normal Clerk’s office attempted to deny their right to Due Process – the bedrock of all laws. Normal does not have the right to stifle any actions just because they don’t like them.

That is what they tried to do to Stan Nord last night. The email got the Clerk to put the petitions on the website for all citizens to see. Nord simply wanted the law followed.

Note: None of the local news stories told you the truth. The tears weren’t about the email. I’m sure you are smart enough to see through the facade. I expect media to actually look for facts, evidently that was too much truth for them:

Nothing on WJBC’s website






13 thoughts on “Media fail: the email is immaterial to the facts

  1. “The three people who filed petitions with around 600 signatures each have a right to their day in court.”

    I mean it looks like they are going to get it, so I’m not sure what the hullabaloo is about.

    1. Convenient feelings. I’ve felt intimidated walking into City Hall and being treated as a slave, debtor, outcast versus a citizen, taxpayer, voter and the fund creator for their salaries.

      It’s actually outstanding to know that someone like Stan is at least trying to force them to obey the law. Reminding someone about felonies for disobeying the law should be “intimidating” only if it applies. The email sounded more like a motivator to me and someone’s feelings got hurt.

      1. Also, they deliberately create faux outrage to deflect and distract from the real issue. They get their minions focused on watching the snowflakes melting. Little things like the law and due process, nevermind.

  2. The administration take offence to Councilman Nord bringing attention to their questionable acts.

  3. A person has to be a special kind fragile to be triggered by an email sent by Stan Nord. This ‘threat’ could have been handled by simply laughing while hitting the delete button.
    Also , Lorenz is a phoney and her outrage is manufactured.

  4. It is extremely interesting what everyone, besides Stan, is supposedly upset about. Who else among the Trustees is concerned that THE TAX PAYING CITIZENS are being Disenfranchised??? Does Scott Preston care? Nope. How about histrionic Kathy Lorenz? Does she care? Nope. None of them care, with the exception of Stan Nord. You know what they all care about? Protecting kris koos and pam reece. That’s what they care about. They also toe the line by their display of faux outrage. Not one of them is concerned about the citizens, except Stan Nord. AND THAT, is exactly why THEY hate Stan Nord. What we are seeing here is Normal Illinois version of, “The Swamp.” That’s right. Who else is HATED because he’s more concerned about We The People than about the Creatures in the Swamp?

  5. A crying female clerk? But good Sir Mayor came to the clerks defense from the evil goblin who dare reminded them of their responsibility. You just can’t make this stuff up!

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