Hilarity continues in Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin

The petitions submitted for Supervisor, Clerk, and Collector have been challenged by TWO people.

The challenges are identical. Were they afraid the Normal Electoral Board couldn’t read the first one so they filed two?

Guess who is back challenging again? The guy who got Normal into this mess:

Patrick Dullard

He is joined by former Trustee Jeff Fritzen. Remember him? The guy who was gifted a bicycle from Koos’ bike shop when he left the council: https://blnnews.com/2020/04/20/fritzens-bike-you-have-to-see-this-one/

You can see what both filed at this link: https://www.normalil.gov/114/Municipal-Elections

The two items noted are laughable but we know the Electoral Board will agree with them anyway.

Normal only complies with laws they don’t like when forced. How many times has the Attorney General ruled them guilty of violating the Open Meetings Act? Since acting like an Incorporated Town is a much bigger item the Electoral Board isn’t going to concede the issue – especially if the Town Clerk hears the case like last time.

Court is the only route to justice.

Expect real tears afterward.






11 thoughts on “Hilarity continues in Normal!

  1. So dullard fancies himself their professional denier. Hmmm.
    I’m surprised at Fritzen, being that he’s an Elder at East White Oak Church. Apparently he doesn’t know or doesn’t care that the Holy Bible inspired our Founding Father’s in writing the United States Constitution. What matters more to you Jeff? Do you serve kingkoos or God?

  2. Now the town clerk will have to recluse herself for the election commission, as she is an interested party. Koos will appoint one of his patrons. Anyone want to guess how they will vote??

    1. By law the replacement will be the next most senior town council member. But that will still be a Koos crony rather than a Koos patron, so it works out the same…

  3. Several questions / concerns / observations.

    First the wording of Fritzen and Dullard’s objections is identical. They’re also signed by attorney Todd Greenburg, who was involved in the last objection. Who is paying for his services? Fritzen and Dullard, or we the tax payers of Normal?

    Secondly, how in the world does opposing an election “protect my right as a citizen of the Town of Normal to ensure that a non-elective office is not placed on the election ballot” serve in anyone’s best interests other than the organization that Pam Reece (also non-elected) defends and grows? Is that protecting our rights as citizens? Hardly! It just empowers Pam to spend tax payer dollars on her new Rivian.

    This will surely be presented to the Normal election commission and even if Angie were to recuse herself, like everything else, this is a done deal in the town of Normal before it’s ever played out in front of the public. Everything in Normal is pre-rehearsed. Everything! This is headed straight to court once again. It’s a sad day for the town of Normal when everything requires a legal challenge. That’s by design to protect the interests of big government.

    Finally, I could care less where Jeff Fritzen goes to church. Just in case you haven’t noticed, we’re not in church. Fritzen’s a career politician, drunk on his own power, who served too long and got too connected to big government and the expansion of it with Uptown. He was definitely recruited for this job and Sonja Reece probably saw the writing on the wall of a conflict of interest which is why she recruited her friend Jeff. Fritzen is a poster child for why Kathleen Lorenz should be defeated because she’s well on her way to following in Fritzen’s footsteps if reelected. She was, after all, recruited to be Sonja’s replacement.

    1. Uptown Dreams:
      Agree with all of your well-articulated points! (the local media should be asking these same questions)

    2. Does Greenberg get lucrative work kicked over his way by the incorporated Town of Normal? That could understand taking these cases. Perhaps the ethics office/committee of the IL Bar can review to see communications from Normal employees or elected officials to Greenberg to determine if any quid pro quo exists.

      There seems to be little to no incentive for the Friends of Koos to spend their own money fighting efforts for the incorporated Town of Normal to be in compliance with state law.

  4. I don’t have time to read the whole Illinois code, but the specific portion referenced in the complaint says nothing about it being limited to Cicero or other towns that took over civil townships. Did I miss something?

    1. The only thing you are potentially missing is that in other related portions of the code it Does differentiate between straight-up towns like Normal and former-township towns like Cicero, so the fact that the code they referenced Does Not differentiate mean that it applies to All and that complaint should be easily dismissed.

  5. Illinois is corrupt because elitist politicians like Fritzen and Dullard read laws to say they apply to everyone but them. No where does it say the state laws only apply to Cicero.

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