This WGLT article has little to do with the title

By: Diane Benjamin Title of the story: Normal mayor wants town to draft rules to allow auxiliary housing At least half of the story is Koos condemning Stan Nord. Here’s what Koos ignored in the interview: The clerk would not have posted the petitions for Supervisor, Collector and Clerk on the website if Stan […]

1st Hearing 11:00 today

This hearing may have some surprises or it may not. The Town of Normal wants to make sure citizens have as little access to their government as possible. That’s why they didn’t want representatives elected by districts. The hand-picked Trustees represent the Town, not you. Attend if you can. I will report later today. Details: […]

Hilarity continues in Normal!

By: Diane Benjamin The petitions submitted for Supervisor, Clerk, and Collector have been challenged by TWO people. The challenges are identical. Were they afraid the Normal Electoral Board couldn’t read the first one so they filed two? Guess who is back challenging again? The guy who got Normal into this mess: Patrick Dullard He is […]