1st Hearing 11:00 today

This hearing may have some surprises or it may not.

The Town of Normal wants to make sure citizens have as little access to their government as possible. That’s why they didn’t want representatives elected by districts. The hand-picked Trustees represent the Town, not you.

Attend if you can. I will report later today.

Details: https://www.normalil.gov/DocumentCenter/View/20916/OMA-Notice—Electoral-Board-Meeting—12722





13 thoughts on “1st Hearing 11:00 today

      1. It’s a shame that Diane deleted my posts, Chad. I was simply asking for both sides of the story, as I know Mr. Dewitt personally and I find your side of the story to be lacking some details. My request was simple to Diane and it was to try and get both sides for the article. That didn’t happen.


          1. The knife James used on me or the second one the Police found in his boot?

            Prior to this I had begged NPD for help multiple times, tried to get an order of protection and was told that their wasn’t enough for one. He told the police to get lost and ignored them. A guy that had previously stabbed an interracial couple, With a record of DUI, trespassing at McLean county Jail, elderly financial fraud.
            After he spent over 9 months videotaping my kids at the bus stop, intimidating them (I have video), stalking my home with a camera almost everyday (again I have hours of surveillance), pointing his hand like a gun as we drive by 👈, cursing obscenities at us, videotaping my kids play in the backyard, driving by late at night on his Harley extra loud waking us and the neighbors up one of which is suffering from cancer and in extreme pain and misery, harassing and insulting other neighbors and minors (courts records), attempting to run people off the road (testimony of a State Trooper in Court), parking in front of my home and honking his horn late at night (home surveillance), chasing neighbors kids in car on his motorcycle.
            Two separate judges and a special prosecutor all agreed with me, that I should never have been charged in the first place. James tried intimidating one judge, during a hearing and was warned about his aggressive behavior during a hearing. Showing up at another to be escorted by Sheriffs deputies as he tried to argue with the special prosecutor, that did NOT want anything to do with him. The Prosecutor dropped all charges and said that, my arrest was “stupid”.
            My family was granted a Plenary order of Protection for two years, 300’ including my wife’s office.

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    1. So according to you No Normal citizen has been represented since 1867. Why exactly are people trying to get on a ballot for positions that never existed before in Normal? If a townnn is functioning who are you who doesn’t even live in Normal to say different? Tom DeVore just lost the Secretary of State race so apparently he has nothing better to do with his life. You lost this in the court. You seriously think DeVore is going to change the law.


      1. Andrew, you’re not as woke as you think you are. Tom DeVore lost the race for attorney general, not secretary of state. That race was lost by Bloomington’s very own clown cart, Dan Brady.

        If you have a problem with an out of towner writing on her own blog, how do you explain Angie Huonker being town clerk of Normal and sitting on the Normal election commission when she can’t even vote in a local election?

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    1. > I may be mistaken, but usually “Trustees” have a fiduciary, moral, ethical and legal obligation to the to the organization “Normal ie citizens”.
      That’s the way it’s Supposed to be, and the attitude of 6 of the 10 candidates for Normal government. Now we just need the people to decide that’s worth voting for.

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