Tri-Valley wants more money with ZERO Transparency

By: Diane Benjamin

Back in 2018 Tri-Valley got voters to approve a referendum:

The property tax rate would have gone down because bonds were paid off. Work was essential at the High School, some classrooms had been created with temporary walls.

Instead of asking for money just to fix essentials, Tri-Valley asked for the entire tax decrease to be canceled so they could build more. Voters passed it.

Tri-Valley already has a high property tax rate, and now they want more.

The only place I have seen this announcement was on Facebook:

Mr. Derges: People have to kneel before you for permission to speak?

Since more information would be nice, I went to the Tri-Valley website. Click this link, from there click School Board Meetings and Agendas:

These documents BELONG to taxpayers not Tri-Valley, but:

You have to request access!

I did request access yesterday or the day before, still nothing.

Behavior like this from supposed Public Servants demands action by the taxpayers in the Tri-Valley school district. The tax hearing is December 19th at 6:00 in the District Office. Evidently they are expecting a tiny crowd.

The notice doesn’t state what the increased EAV is. It is impossible to tell from this notice if your taxes will increase and by how much. How much have new properties added to the EAV? It must be a secret just like School Board actions.

The Facebook post had comments from parents about bullying at the school. When my kids attended bullying was a problem and administration did nothing about it.

I can tell you how I fixed a problem with a short kid bullying my 6’5″ son by breaking into his gym locker 3 times. I met with the High School principal and told him to write up the detention slip because I gave my son permission to deck him. Magically the problems ended without my son having to do anything. It was a situation where staff knew who was doing it but they did nothing because they didn’t witness it.

The Tri-Valley School Board needs to be told they work for the taxpayers. If you don’t show up at the hearing they will continue to act like you are just a piggy bank.

You can see how Tri-Valley performs on the Illinois School Report Card website:

They spend $17K per student, higher than Unit 5. The results are much better but the student demographics are much different.






3 thoughts on “Tri-Valley wants more money with ZERO Transparency

  1. If education administrators had an unlimited source of “education funding”, within 6 months these spendthrifts would return asking taxpayers for more. A similar money grab was temporarily avoided with Unit 5. Who, other than taxpayers with an IQ of a porous rock, would believe education administrators telling taxpayers to pay more taxes now and MAYBE experience a tax reduction in the future? What parallel planet are they on??

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  2. They deliberately have meetings for things like this during the Christmas season when people are busier than usual. They’re hoping no one will notice and no one will attend the meeting. Prove them wrong. Show up and Speak.


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