Tri-Valley paid $67,646 an acre for land

By: Diane Benjamin Before you move to Tri-Valley in hopes of a better education for your children, you need to know the district bought 6.69 acres and paid $450,000. Excessive? I’ve heard the Board bought the property only in case they needed it. They will create the need. The property includes a house that will […]

Tri-Valley Transparency Victory!

By: Diane Benjamin The Board packet for Wednesday is actually posted!—minutes/2022-2023-agenda-%26-notices/402369 It’s only 66 pages long, every word doesn’t have to be read to see what is actually happening in the district. I’m happy to see my son’s favorite teacher is still teaching: Jeff Benter. He let his students blow things up. I don’t […]

Tri-Valley Debt – Paying over 37% Interest!

By: Diane Benjamin At last Tuesday’s meeting a representative from Stifel Public Finance made presentation. As reported yesterday this presentation was to inform the board about the status of bonds, when some would be paid off, and clear the way for new bonds for another building project. If I hadn’t been at the meeting to […]

Tri-Valley data:

By: Diane Benjamin The information below comes from 2 websites: Illinois School Report Card: Open the Books: Both have tons of other information not detailed below! Quick lesson on using Click on Menu – LEFT SIDE – below the scrolling reports. Choose Illinois – Data is available for all levels of government. […]

Tri-Valley taxpayers: Proof of no transparency

By: Diane Benjamin At this week meeting the minutes from the November meeting were approved and are now on the school website:—minutes/399692 NO copies of these minutes were available at the meeting or I would have asked questions. Here’s a big one: What are they buying and why? On the agenda for at least […]

Tri-Valley wants more money with ZERO Transparency

By: Diane Benjamin Back in 2018 Tri-Valley got voters to approve a referendum: The property tax rate would have gone down because bonds were paid off. Work was essential at the High School, some classrooms had been created with temporary walls. Instead of asking for money just to fix essentials, Tri-Valley asked for the […]

District 87 picks Tri-Valley’s Superintendent

By: Diane Benjamin See the announcement here: I purposely stayed out of the discussion because I know there are people at Tri-Valley that wanted David Mouser to get the job. He’s perfect for them since he is a master at keeping bad news a secret. Since the test scores of students are much higher […]

Tri-Valley: Referendum

By:  Diane Benjamin If you live in the Tri-Valley School District you should have received information about the Referendum on the March 20th ballot.  The referendum, if passed, will result in no increase in property taxes.  That means if it fails your property taxes will decrease.  The decrease would be between .69 and .70. Last […]