Tri-Valley taxpayers: Proof of no transparency

By: Diane Benjamin

At this week meeting the minutes from the November meeting were approved and are now on the school website:—minutes/399692

NO copies of these minutes were available at the meeting or I would have asked questions. Here’s a big one:

What are they buying and why?

On the agenda for at least the last two meetings was an Executive Session followed by Approval of the Personnel Report.

Do the minutes say anything meaningful? NO.

The Open Meeting Act doesn’t allow discussion of property demographics and a solar proposal to be discussed in Executive Session. Supposedly all of the people mentioned have taken OMA training. Items that can be discussed in private are very limited by OMA. Nobody noticed items not legal to discuss secretly?

What was in the Personnel Report the Board approved? The minutes don’t say.

Three of the current Board members are running for re-election, the other two need to be elected in April. Unfortunately all 3 can’t be replaced. Tri-Valley badly needs transparency, taxpayers have no idea what is actually happening in this district.

The next Board meeting is January 18th at 6:00. I expect to see a Board Packet posted for that meeting if Tri-Valley intends to start being transparent. If they don’t it will tell you everything you need to know about the Superintendent and the Board.

See the meeting dates list here:

January 31st the Board is holding a retreat. That meeting is open to the public!

2021 Election, vote next April or you will get more of the same:



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  1. All three Can potentially be replaced, though it’s highly unlikely. If you can get a good write-in candidate, they can file ’til Feb 2.

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