County present to employees:

h/t a reader

Evidently they couldn’t find a place that makes coffee cups in America. Buying from a company that manufactures in this country is too hard?

In case you can’t quite make that out, the coffee cups were made in China

Mote to tipsters: Send better pics!

Next year if the County must buy employees a present, at least find something made in the Country you supposedly represent. The State or County would be even better.

Local chocolate or Beer Nuts not good enough?

7 thoughts on “County present to employees:

  1. UGH – Why are the tax payers required to pay for “presents” any way?
    I mean – Aren’t we being reminded of the fact that not everyone follows a religion/belief that celebrates Christmas? (Besides the fact that no one wants another ceramic coffee mug!)
    Can they stop wasting our money EVERY CHANCE THEY GET!!

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    1. Vaguely recently ISU had a lunch for employees. Some ‘genius’ had the thought that the water bottles they served with the box lunches weren’t environmentally friendly so they sprang for custom ISU pre-filled reusable aluminum travel bottles. Most people who are into ‘the green thing’ probably already have one or more comparable items so don’t need more, and those that aren’t run a decent chance of throwing theirs away, So it’s more sustainable to have people throw away bulky, expensive aluminum bottles than throw away cheap, flimsy plastic ones?

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  2. When you use a the cheapest option available for your marketing budget/employee gift needs. I bet there’s some local shops that would have and could have made something fantastic, with a bit of pride, from locally sourced products for the employees. Even a bag of peanuts would have been better and helped our local economy.

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