Town of Normal Trustee candidates

By: Diane Benjamin

Normal turned in their certified ballet yesterday, 6 people are running for 3 seats:

Lorenz and Byars claim to be Republicans. Byars is on the Planning Commission, appointed by Chris Koos. He was previously an intern for Jason Barickman but he didn’t recuse himself from the vote on Wintergreen Subdivision:

A “secret” appointment by Koos until after Council votes says all you need to know about Byars.

The election will be very clear this time: 1-3 will support whatever is presented by professional staff. 4-6 think your opinions and fiscal sanity matter.

One candidate withdrew her petitions because she is leaving town, she is also on the Planning Commission:

Koos will get another “secret” appointment to the Planning Commission in January because of Lund.



6 thoughts on “Town of Normal Trustee candidates

  1. kathy lorenz is no republican. Nothing she says or does demonstrates that she’s a republican. She’s a progressive leftist just like kooskoos.

  2. Andy is ruining his chance of higher elected office. His close association and devout support of Democrat Chris Koos will forever label him as a RINO. Republicans won’t vote for RINO’s and Democrats will always vote for one of their own over a “friendly Republican”. Look no further than the outcomes of Scott Preston and Richard Irvin.

  3. Municipal elections are supposed to be non-partisan because the focus should be providing basic city services in the most cost effective manner. Incumbents have shown their priorities.

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