Tom Devore’s response to Fritzen and Dullard

By: Diane Benjamin

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11 thoughts on “Tom Devore’s response to Fritzen and Dullard

  1. If I understand this document correctly, the Normal town code says the town clerk will be appointed, but since this portion of the code was not added by referendum, it is in violation of state law. Is that correct?

    One thing I don’t understand — when did the Normal town code first state that the town clerk was to be elected? If that was before the 1985 legislation, is that portion of the town code “grandfathered” in, or is a referendum now required to comply with state law?

    1. Actually City Manager for if government isn’t legal. That was in court around 1970. Judge ruled the state needs to clarify which they did in 1985. Normal ignored the new state statutes that say SHALL elect, not if you feel like it.

      1. Thank you for filling in the gaps of my knowledge. It always amazes me how slow government moves. The court case was 52 years ago!

  2. It will be a tough decision, vote as the Emperor of Normal wishes, or vote as the legal statute requires. “O what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive”

  3. Koos, Preston & McCarthy don’t care about legal. They will vote to ensure they keep as much power away from the people for as long as possible.

    Normal is funding this farce with taxpayer dollars. They will pay for it go all the way to the Supreme Court, which will drag out for years. They know the petitioners can’t afford the legal fees and will quickly abandon their efforts. This will be decided by who was the deepest pockets, what is best for the people of Normal is irrelevant.

    1. Lynn:
      If only Illinois had an attorney general that would fight for the citizens instead of bowing to chiraq mafia

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