Planning Commissioner Byars should have recused himself

By: Diane Benjamin

Doing a favor for the guy who gave you an internship Andy? You were the first one to jump on a motion to approve what was presented last night! I’ve got video!

If Kathleen Lorenz is really worried about developers rejecting Normal after watching what happens there, this fiasco will send them RUNNING.

In case you forgot, the Town of Normal only believes ethics are violated if a crime occurs. That don’t care about “looking bad”.


8 thoughts on “Planning Commissioner Byars should have recused himself

  1. Being on the planning commission is Andy’s kickback for his work in Rhino campaigns in our community. Kathleen Lorenz, Dan Brady, Bruce Rauner and yes, Jason Barickman come to mind. Given the fact that the planning commission is the stepping stone for a seat on Koos’ council we probably haven’t seen the last of him. Another Scott Preston in the making.

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    1. That horrible news. But let’s tell it as it is-the guy is a Democrat posing as a “Republican.” Rino is too soft for that level of deception.

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  2. Byers political resume is dog crap !

    Field Director for Rauner. – 18 ? bahhawahahaha – the equivalent of being deck chair monitor on the Titanic AFTER the last lifeboat had cast off !

    Intern for Barrickman & Brady ? = high school gopher work.

    AsG @ State U – decidedly 4th tier.

    Only qualification as a Planning Commissioner is the malleable trait of stepping fast when ordered to fetch.

    There are dozens of Andy Byers out there – and they deserve their own unique color stripe on the rainbow flag.


    1. Only knowing the right people means anything to anybody in BN. I don’t know anything about Byers but he sounds like the consumate poster boy to represent what has been going on in BN for a very, very, long time. I would hate to be anybody today applying for any position of responsibility in that burgh that wasn’t already hooked up. Sad thing, it will never change. Getting out is one’ s only salvation.


  3. I am trying to figure out the whole page ad in The Pantagraph today for the Pride Fest next weekend. It says “presented by” Connect Transit. Then at the bottom I assume additional sponsors include BCPA, City of Bloomington Parks and Rec, Bloomington Public Library and lists Connect Transit again. All of these are taxpayer funded city ran money losers and they are allowed to spend money sponsoring for a downtown party?


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