Property Rights Immaterial in Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

I attended Normal’s Planning Commission meeting last night. I only stayed for 3 hours, it was still going on when I left.

Here’s the takeaway: When government claims it can’t protect your property rights because laws and regulations don’t allow it, your government needs replaced with one who understands the Constitution.

See this website to learn about the people behind the addition to Wintergreen subdivision:

Page down – State Senator Jason Barickman is a partner. Last night he got the head of the EDC, the head of the Chamber of Commerce, the former head of the Realtors Association, builders and others to put on a dog and pony show for Koos’ handpicked Commission.

Next – look at the Featured Projects – all rentals.

This group has refused requests from the current residents of Wintergreen to meet. The only bright spot during the 3 hours was when members Mike Matejka and Rachael Lund attempted to table a vote until September so a meeting the lawyer representing Barickman’s group claimed they would be more than happy to arrange could happen. They were out-voted by the rest of the Commission.

Barickman wants to build much smaller and denser properties that will decrease the value of existing homes. From the Fairlawn website it looks like the houses/townhomes could be built only to rent them. Even though they are cheaper than existing houses, the cheapest house starts are $319,000. They aren’t building affordable housing. Meanwhile, the existing homes are at a minimum over $450,000 with many being much more. Barickman doesn’t care what happens to property values because of what he wants. Residents are concerned about traffic because of these denser properties bringing in more people. There were also concerns about space at the elementary school. The Commission slammed it through anyway.

One more note: Citizens rejected RC McBride as a council Trustee, so Koos put him on the Planning Commission. He is the chair. Koos doesn’t care what citizens think. (obviously)

You will own nothing and be happy

The goal of the World Economic Forum:

I have a lot of video. I posted this one because the speaker calls out Jason Barickman. He should be ashamed of himself but won’t be. He’s got money to make while abusing whoever gets in the way. The Normal Town Council will not look at facts, they will be told they have to approve this development. Funny thing is this will be at the next Council meeting – before the minutes are approved by the Planning Commission. Those minutes could say whatever is necessary to pass it. Karyn Smith was there. Let’s see if she stands with citizens or the Town.

7 thoughts on “Property Rights Immaterial in Normal

  1. “Property rights are immaterial” the article claims, while completely ignoring the fact that the owners of the proposed development are exercising their rights to build what they want on their own property. Come on now, this is silly. I do share the complaint regarding the rental vs ownership, I think it’s ridiculous that these aren’t going to be available to purchase. But again, it’s their right to make it that way. If people don’t like it, they don’t have to rent from them. And believe me, I’d love to see Barickman flounder here. The proposed plan is fairly similar to what was originally approved. I don’t quite get the complaints from the residents. Did they really expect this to be undeveloped farm land forever? And the comments about denser traffic are silly. I drive Beech all the time through there, I live there, people speed like crazy. Maybe more cars will help with that issue. The cops are worthless and never sit up there. I hear cars that sound like they’re drag racing at night and wake me up. This whole argument about this development is nothing more than uninformed residents reacting to exaggerated lies. It’ll all be fine.


    1. The residents were originally told the new phases would be the same lot size and house size with people owning their homes. This new information is different. Smaller houses on smaller lots with houses rented instead of owned. Huge difference.

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  2. Property rights are immaterial to the planning commission and most anyone associated with the Koos regime unless of course it is their property. History proves that. That said, sure do what you want to with your own property but even in this case rules, regulations, zoning etc. will come into play and having real control over one’s own property no longer exists. You are only fooling yourself Charles F. Enjoy the ride.

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