More “hiding” from Normal

By: Diane Benjamin

Refer back to this story:

Town Planner Mercy Davidson sent me an email stating they don’t livestream or video Board and Commission meetings.

Keep in mind, all the appointees were picked by Chris Koos himself. The public doesn’t know in advance and the elected Trustees (all but one) think it is their job to rubber-stamp whoever Koos wants.

Now see the Town of Normal’s YouTube channel:

It was only a little over a year when the Town did provide video of board and commission meetings. Who changed the policy? It wasn’t the elected Council. That means the “professional staff” decided citizens need to be kept in the dark!

See yet why Normal needs Districts? At-Large Trustees represent the Town, not the ones paying the bills.

Normal prefers citizens not know what is happening in their government. It makes their life much easier. Trustees will be voting on issues raised tonight at the Planning Commission meeting based on what they are told happened, not first hand knowledge. 🙄

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