Normal: Planning Commission TOMORROW

By: Diane Benjamin

One would think since this meeting is being held in the Council Chambers it would be Live Streamed. There are two items a LOT of people will be interested. It will NOT be on video! See this story for details of the agenda:

I asked Mercy Davidson about video:

I will attend this meeting and film what I find interesting. It will be fun to see if the Town refutes anything I post with their own video they claim won’t exist!

Worse, the Council will not be able to review the video before making decisions on Wintergreen subdivision or the sign ordinance. Minutes of meetings don’t say what really happened – on purpose. (It’s almost like the outcome is predetermined!)


If you haven’t signed the petition to put the referendum concerning Districts on the November ballot, I will be outside before the meeting. Two of us will be there with clipboards. Stop by and sign!






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