How much did McLean County spend on Christmas gifts?

By: Diane Benjamin

McLean County handed out presents to their employees, picture here:

Government only exists because of money it takes from taxpayers. Government doesn’t create or manufacture goods and services. It taxes and spends the money collected. That is why the Illinois Constitution states:


What public purpose did Christmas gifts to employees serve? Since the County ordered 800 coffee cups the State’s Attorney (Erika Reynolds) likely got one too. I responded to the FOIA request by asking what statute in State law allowed this purchase. If I get a response I will update this story. Do you believe this spending is the ONLY failure to comply with Article VIII?

How much did the gifts cost?

But that wasn’t the only expense:

Still not done:



Last Christmas Normal throw a holiday luncheon and handed out gift cards totaling $7,670:

Since Illinois doesn’t have prosecutors to prosecute taxpayer abuse, they probably did it again. Government at all levels think it’s THEIR money once they take it from you. Voters have to hold their elected officials accountable, nobody else will.



14 thoughts on “How much did McLean County spend on Christmas gifts?

  1. Illuminating the improper spending is a good service, thank you Diane. Voters need to rember, otherwise nothing will happen.

  2. Article VIII, Section 1 (a)
    They are in violation of the Illinois Constitution.
    Who will hold them accountable?

  3. Who puts in roads, highways, bridges makes sure you have water? The government. The national government has other functions including security of the state from terrorists and enemies.

    But the Scrooge here doen’t want small appreciation Christmas presents for its employees Bah humbug.

  4. Diane is not I repeat not a Scrooge she is someone that has the courage to report those that break the law. That is taxpayer money used in a way that the law is very specific in saying that it is illegal. One that chooses to work for the government should know ahead of time don’t expect a gift bought by a public employee and paid for by the taxpayer . Next thing you know we will be buying them all Rivians!

  5. You be hard pressed without a government. You’d be even harder pressed without a local governments. What if your garbage isn’t picked up? What happens when it starts piling up? What if you call 911 during a medical emergency and paramedics never come? Local governments give services which didn’t happen would make your life hard.

    Anti governornment screeds like this would really affect the moral of any government worker. Yes, the blogger here is a Scrooge.

    1. Ambulance service can, and has been, private. We used to have Lifeline.
      Garbage service is often private. It does not have to be part of the government.
      Local government is responsible for roads, bridges, sewer, water, police, fire. Yet, our roads are in poor condition. We need more police officers. Police & Fire pensions need to be properly funded.
      Local, State, Federal government spends our tax dollars on crap we neither need, nor want.
      Government has grown TOO BIG.

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