County Clerk’s office damaged by water pipe break

By: Diane Benjamin

Kathy Michael was notified over the weekend of water damage to her office. The office is open today, the front part and vital records did not sustain damage. Most of the damage is confined to election rooms toward the rear.

Crews are in the offices now assessing the damage. Desktop computers are being tested. Multiple fans are running to dry the carpet.

Kathy lost a picture of her with Ronald Reagan that was in her office. The last picture is of her office, it had heavy damage.

Sorry for the picture quality, even with a flash there wasn’t enough light in some areas.

No other County or Bloomington offices were affected. The new election equipment wasn’t stored where the break occurred.

3 thoughts on “County Clerk’s office damaged by water pipe break

  1. Heard the city had damage to it server room, a guy was getting portable AC coolers this morning while i was getting some supplies.


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